Wednesday in the Twilight Zone/Thursday in the cleaning zone

OK OK, it’s not THAT weird but some things have certainly been a mindfu- er, screw. I mean, I went into my online course for Ashland and nothing is loaded into the shell. No content, not even my announcement I posted last week. So I was panicking a little. OK, a lot. I decided to go run a fast mile and then once home and showered, I could better think. I contacted people, waited. No word back. Then I got a phone call from the area code of the folks running things… except it was some spam about my “car’s extended warranty.” Ugh! I was thinking they were calling me about the matter. Of course not!

The other weird stuff isn’t really bad; just kids being crazy, forgetting it’s trash day. Muffins for Mom was today at the school so I went up there. I’d call it a success though since I ended up chatting to Presley’s mom – one of Dakota’s friends – and finally got her number so they can have playdates. They literally live about 3 minutes from us and yet, we don’t make plans. She was saying that their house is a little small to have people over so I know I will definitely invite them here.

I feel like all this is a test; a test to see if I can navigate unforeseen stresses during a time when I need to be on it. I have a phone interview at 10:15 with WGU and I don’t want to botch it. I plan to eat a small snack at 10 and then drink a lot of water. I remember the last one I had, I did it in my office at work. The office I had after they moved me up to the fourth floor with everyone else. So that too was a distraction and it turned out just fine.


OK I had my interview. I both feel good and bad about it. Obviously there’s quiet time on a phone interview where they’re writing things but I have so much experience and I hope that caries me. I love the idea of this job (simply an evaluator role) and the thing I’d absolutely love is that it is all year. No breaks. I’d love to have something to rely on! So please send good vibes my way; this would be perfect and I need it!

I know there’s nothing I can do now; I gave my best answers, my most enthusiastic tone, and now we wait. But please pray for me if that’s your thing.

I’m eating chicken tortilla soup (though it is not cold; not really soup weather) and then I’m off to my office hours. I am not busting my ass to be there on time; kids have been coming to see me but they mostly email me first and then show up.


Yesterday actually went amazing; my first class, which is normally ill-attended and quiet when they do, was engaged and smart! I feel like that was a real win. The afternoon was nice but Isaac is going through some phase where he’s a total punk. Super irritating. I was pretty tired and having sinus issues so even though I did clean some and make dinner, I mostly sat around like a lazy slug.

This morning, though, I am grading and cleaning and very happy about where I am now. In a bit, after I finish grading this one class, I will be hitting up a place for lunch and Hobby Lobby. Ran out of string to tie the name tags on these dumb Valentines.


It’s POURING right now and though I saw that on the forecast, it kind of came out of nowhere. I went outside to put a box in the trash and found the car interior wipes, so I tidied my car a bit. Came inside, washed the floor, then went upstairs to see there was a massive downpour.

I got the string, aforementioned, and finished all those. The kids wrote everything out and put the candy in bags but clearly were not going to tie twine around them all. Later on, I have to go to my pedagogy class then bust my ass to get back over here for brew club. I think it’s dark brown English beer tonight; not my fave but I think March is pale ales so that’s a win. Still have no idea exactly when my brother-in-law et al will arrive so the cleaning happens no matter what. I do hope they left today because them showing up mid-day Saturday will throw the proverbial wrench into just about everything. OK, time to wash bathroom rugs and soccer socks. Odd combo, I know, but such is the life of a part-time stay-at-home mom!


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