MMMM + Motivated to clean

Hey all, I have but a few minutes (by my own personal time line this morning ) to get some blogging in. My brother in law, his wife and new baby are coming into town either Friday or Saturday so I’m using this week to get all cleaned up. You know how that goes: your house is pretty clean/tidy but could be better. Nothing like house guests to kick your butt into gear!

Weekend was good. Friday night we went to a girl scout event at one of the family’s homes. They live pretty far out in a premier golf course community; the one that’s just one step below our super fancy gated community. So of course the number one thing I said to my children was: don’t touch anything. LOL. But no, it was not nearly as un-kid friendly as our old friends who did live in Golden Eagle. Those people had traps galore, like decorative and highly breakable plates and glasses everywhere. Anyway, I remember being a kid and going into much nicer homes than mine; my kids were not different as they oohed and ahhed over the junk these people had, like a theater room and hot tub and popcorn machine. Honestly though, having lived in a 1400 square foot home before this one and having grown up in a pretty small South Florida home, I am very happy with what we have now!

Anywho, the party was fun; we sat out by a nice fire pit and chatted and home by 9. Kids all had soccer the next day and once home, we had pizza and beer and watched the premier of the XFL. I think the league will be fun and a nice way to fill the off-season. That night, we watched Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood, which I thought was good, considering I am not a huge Tarantino fan.

Sunday we had cookie booth duty early and then I ran;  we all went to lunch and then to the playground for a bit. A couple weekends ago we couldn’t get the old (and I do mean old; it was my dad’s) hedge trimmer to work but then magically, it worked yesterday so Ash tidied up all the hedges and shrubbery, of which there is a lot in this yard. I blew leaves off the deck and then finished laundry. We watched JoJo Rabbit, which I personally thought was THE picture of the year. The top four for me were, in order: Jojo, Once Upon, The Irishman, then Ford vs Ferrari. Parasite ended up winning and it was ok, but definitely not the best story. Oh well, I don’t care for award shows anyway!


Freebie weeks rock! I was going to look up this person I heard mentioned on the XM Frank Sinatra channel, Sophie Fatu. They made it sound like she was a jazz legend now at only 7 and I was thinking she played an instrument but she really only sings and honestly, I’m not impressed. But a band I recently got into after many attempts, is Saxon. Funny enough, the album some people don’t like because it veered into 80s cheese territory is the one I enjoy the most.

8 thoughts on “MMMM + Motivated to clean

  1. Oh, those places where, no matter where you are, you’re one inch away from creating a heartbreaking disaster… The advantage of having cats all these years is that we own very little fragile stuff and none of it where any cat can knock it on the floor.

    Saxon does some pretty solid rock, don’t they?

  2. Well, I must say it is a beautiful video as far as scenery, only thing is I never heard this song before either. Man, I must’ve been living under a rock right? bwahahaha Thanks for joining us my friend. Sounds like you had a great weekend with your relatives. Have a good rest of your week too and thanks for rockin’ it out with us! hugs

  3. I think I just emerged from under the same rock as Xmas Dolly did, because I never heard of Saxon or these songs. From the western scenery and imagery (with some Mexican thrown in) you would never believe this band is British. Wow. The first song especially, to me, had a nice 80’s vibe. Two thumbs up!

    1. Yeah I had heard of them but never really delved in. It took me a while but the songs from this album are very 80s. In fact, the lead singer calls this their “Def Leppard album”.

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