MMMM +Where am I going/Where have I been?

It’s been a weird few days. Friday, I had lunch with Ash then left to teach. Once back home, we kind of hung out and I cleaned some. Don’t remember too awful much of it. Saturday was soccer all morning then my brother-in-law, his wife, and their new baby arrived. Then of course it was crazy after that. We visited, went for pizza then Ash and Dakota had a daddy/daughter dance. When he got home, things were fine but his loud obnoxious friend had given him a ride and we were all irritated by him. He ended his time with us by somehow spilling a beer on my mantle. We sent out message loud and clear when we all (except Ash) went upstairs. Finally he took the hint and left.

Sunday, we went and got Mexican food fixings and had a huge lunch. My BIL is vegan so he made guac and put it on corn tortillas with refried black beans, cilantro lime rice, and mango. Pretty tasty. I made regular old chicken tacos and everyone was happy. We spent some time playing ping pong then a couple board games. Wits and Wagers seems pretty need, along with this one called Forbidden Island, I think. It was more of a co-op game.

Anyway, since today is a day off for my children, I am staying home and obviously we still have family here. It’s a weird day in that way; I’d normally go in my room and write and catch up on grades – and I am – but then soon, I’ll need to tend to all the other things, you know?


Theme today is; songs that tell a story.

This was the first one that came to mind:

And here’s one that tells a classic story:

5 thoughts on “MMMM +Where am I going/Where have I been?

  1. I didn’t remember the Kenny Chesney song until I started it. It’s a fantastic number. Iron Maiden’s not really my style, but it’s an interesting song nonetheless.

    Everyone’s got that one friend, don’t they?

  2. That first tune really got me. So emotional and that baby in the video that baby was too cute! I never heard your second tune. I must say it was really different for sure. I didn’t really understand it to well, but my hubby being a musician he loved it to say the least. ~hehehe~ I guess I need to get out more or something! hahahaha Have a great week my friend. Hubby says YOU ROCK! 🙂 Thanks for playin’ along with us once again! Hugs

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