Random Tuesday – Blues busters, ETC

Stacy Uncorked


  • I was feeling motivated yesterday but it was a class day so I planned in the am then taught, then came home and began working on a beer cheese dip and pretzel bites. Score! It turned out well.
  • My motivation continued today, seeing as how it’s a day home. I did a 10 minute yoga stretch video, ran two miles with some hill repeats in between, then carried heavy-ass wet leaf bags to the street. Definitely should not have left them sitting! I was a little lazy after eating breakfast but then I got up and mailed off a rebate then met Ash for lunch at the mall. Got my kid some shoes, a cold brew, then hit the grocery store for a couple things for dinner later this week.
  • On a roll, I moved big Jenga into a storage box, troubleshot my garage door opener only to come to the conclusion it just needs to be replaced, then I started putting water in the pool. I then went upstairs to fetch laundry and I also cleared out a bag of stuff I still had lying around from when I moved out of my old office! I am so dang proud of myself. I kind of want to take a nap but think I might be ok. Once the kids get home, we have to go to Hobby Lobby for project supplies. Isaac has to make a 3-d Florida map.
  • For the most part, I think I have beaten the depression I was feeling. Pretty good considering I am normally blah throughout most of January and February. Honestly, it started with a new essential oil blend that was supposed to improve mood, then writing helped a lot. I try to journal as consistently as possible.
  • And to be honest with you, I got really down when, in December, I asked my friends if they wanted to meet up and no one got back to me. I was like, fine, be that way. But then maybe 2 weeks later, they both texted to see if we could all go out for drinks. And after that, we’ve hung out a few more times. It was my own self-deprecating view that made me feel like I was out of the loop or something. I don’t want to see them all the time, but I need to know we’re still friends. LOL.
  • Anyway, if I sit here too long, I’ll lose my momentum and I definitely don’t want to do that!

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