I’m alive, believe it or not

I just struggled with getting back to my normal routine, as I have no classes going on now. Some start the 6th, others, the 8th. In fact, I’ll begin driving back to campus on that Wednesday so I will be a lot better off in terms of productivity. Not that I haven’t gotten stuff done here; when we returned from Palm Beach on Saturday, I did little but on Sunday, I packed up all the decorations and the Christmas tree and attempted to put my living room back together. The Roomba hadn’t run in nearly a week so it was definitely time. Time got all wonky after that. Ash had to work Monday so I took the kids to the Florida History Museum and then we met him for lunch and did a tiny bit of shopping. Tuesday felt like a weird blur; Ash and I worked on the pool cover and I cleaned and made meals. But what the heck else happened? Dunno. Oh, my parents came through town ever so briefly on their way back.

Yesterday, I was on my own with the boys since Ash and Koda went to see my brother-in-law. We’ll all go during Spring Break. Anyway, boys and I did some grocery shopping then went to an Asian buffet that rendered me useless for a few hours, we ate so much food. In the afternoon, the boys rode their bikes and played with the neighbors and then we walked around the mall some before relinquishing ourselves to the TV. I am trying not to do that too much; I remember these days off from school when I was a kid and I was always outside, playing. But these days, kids feel like that’s an inconvenience.

Truth be told, I had half a mind to drive us to my parents’ house in Pensacola but we saw them already and I think they were ready for quiet. I did a little test text to my mom about how we’re on our own and whatever shall we do? And she was like, “Enjoy!” Kind of sucks because I was looking for that bailout text of, “Why don’t you guys come visit?” But yeah, they’ve seen enough of us in the past couple months, I think.

So my plan for today is quite loose: I did some work on my TCC class sites and then my only other activity planned is to take the boys to the pinball place here, but it doesn’t open until 4. I told them they have to come up with something but they just can’t think of anything. In fact, they are angry that I didn’t send them to camp, which is funny to me since every time I DO send them, they complain about it. So truth be told, I am pretty sick of my kids right now. They are bored and boring and don’t want to do anything I suggest so we’re at this stand-still. Boy am I ready for school to begin!

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