Random Tuesday – Sick kid again, better eating, and planning for the future

Stacy Uncorked


  • My son stayed home two Tuesdays ago and today, he’s home again. I don’t know if he had a relapse or what but he’s pretty sick. But not sick enough to go to the doctor. And not well enough to go to school. I’m the kind of mom who, if the kid isn’t contagious, he’s going because school is his job. But I caved today because he actually seems pretty crappy and feverish.
  • I am back on my lower carb stuff lately. I realized I let it go way too much and my stomach reflected that. I was not doing well. Also, I felt insanely tired and I think that was part of it. So I am back to opening my fast with raspberries or walnuts or a hard boiled egg. Maybe even kombucha. Yesterday and today, I then had an egg over an avocado and man, I forgot how much I like eating this way. Feels cleaner somehow.
  • I was a little mad grading my community college kids’ papers today. They had nearly 6 weeks to write a profile of a person in their career field and most of them didn’t interview anyone. They claimed it was “too hard.” I think this exemplifies all young people I encounter these days: if it’s hard, just don’t do it. I get it; I don’t want to do difficult things either but I do it anyway.
  • I’m tired of the cold. Though it tempered out now -it’s going to be 40s/60s for a bit, I am still irritated by the weather. It makes me not want to do anything. It does make me feel a little holiday-y though. I like that.
  • My heel is feeling a lot better, though still a little rough. I am contemplating a quick mile run on Thursday, with shoe inserts and maybe KT tape applied for plantar fasciitis. You never know until you get out there but taking that first running stride after an injury sure is nerve-wracking!
  • I remember that after I sprained my ankle. It was so scary stepping out on the pavement for the first time after. Would I re-injure it? Would it sideline me for even longer? I feel like I’m burning without the running as it is. I want to do at least two miles three times a week. I may not train for anything serious but I will be releasing my tensions and stresses and listening to music at high volumes!
  • Avatar (the band) fans are getting 45 minutes of content this Friday and I am excited! They made a documentary about touring and writing albums, etc. It’s so nice to have something to look forward to.
  • I had a moment today where I needed to look at my budget and make sure I am good for bills and everything. I am VERY ahead right now but since I have this new work set up, that isn’t consistent. I am planning for the Spring and Summer now and I think I may need to try and pick up some supplemental online tutoring. I wish I could find a part time summer job that would hire me every year. I have no idea what that would be though! I am a little worried but I know with proper planning, things have a way of working out.

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