MMMM + Out of sorts and never did write that recap

I never did recap my Disney trip but eh, I’ve been… not myself for a bit. I actually woke up feeling a little more “normal”, if there is such a thing. But let’s backtrack.

Thursday, I got quite a bit of work done and then the kids got home and then soon after, my husband. His friend was coming over to taste the brew we made for him and it was quite good, for a red ale. I’m not particularly fond of reds. I mean, I like beer so I’ll drink them. We also had brew club that night. Wed’ missed the last 2 months’ meeting because either Ash was out of town or we as a family were. It moved to a closer pizza place so that was nice. They also had 9 homebrews, which is high. Normally there’s maybe 2 or 3. We even brought ours and it went over very well.

I was not feeling work Friday but I managed. Ash stayed home because his long-time friend was visiting and they played video gamed all day. He was still here when I got home so we were in this in-between place where I was making food for kids then I took Elliot to a birthday party.

I woke up Saturday way too early – like 5:30. And I was wide awake so I got up. But by 7,  I was feeling tired again. I feel like I was just blah all morning. Nothing got done. I just sat. We did manage to go to Sonny’s and Costco and after, I picked up Elliot and took a nap – maybe the best nap of my life. For real; a good dream about living in some massive home and just woke feeling slightly normal again.

Alas, I still didn’t feel great Sunday. I just don’t know what my deal was. I got laundry done but I didn’t do hardly anything else that was productive for the house. Oh well. Sometimes I guess we just have to hunker down and recover.


Freebie week! Yo, I have been listening to the same ol’ stuff for a bit now but maybe I can pull out something for ya here.

I guess I probably have not shared Nero Forte; video to be released soon so, yay!

Oh shoot, looks like I never shared this Stone Sour video. I mean, Corey in drag is something to behold. I ain’t afraid to admit I find it pretty sexy. I mean, that’s weird I know but hey, to each their own right? It’s a good song. I guess a warning for a strip club? It’s men in drag so I mean, they’re turning gender roles on their head or something? I don’t know. Just go with it.

4 thoughts on “MMMM + Out of sorts and never did write that recap

  1. Naps are good. I’ve been a bit under the weather the last two-three weeks, like I’m trying to fight something off. I think it’s winning, though. Hope your naps do the trick; I always am amazed at what yo get done in your life. So, anyway. Slipknot I run hot and cold on. This one was OK but I way preferred Stone Sour. I got a chuckle out of one of the comments this song (which I know I’ve heard before) elicited, which was “I think i’m gonna push my fingers into my eyes”. Someone was channeling Slipknot there, I’m thinking (and that’s one of their songs I really like.)

  2. Always need rest girlfriend for sure, so I would just think of it that way. Cool tunes, but I’m likin’ your second one the best. I personally never heard it before so thanks for the introduction. Have a great day and thanks for playin’ along with us. Take care, my friend! This song is dumb and so am I??? bwahahahahahaha too funny…. thanks for the laugh!

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