Random Tuesday – Back from vacation, time to readjust, moving on

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  • We got in last night around 11 pm after a pretty long 5 days. We left right after work Wednesday to drive to Atlanta – our flight was an 8 am one – and we had a hotel. Halfway through our drive, cruise control failed and the check engine light came on! The car was running very rough so of course, we were stressed. We were leaving the car at the hotel so we said, screw it, and decided to deal with it once we got back.
  • Our flight to Arizona was just fine, even though we all had different seats. The kind Delta lady got three of us together, and Elliot was by himself but only 2 aisles away from everyone – except me. I was in row 20 and they were in 36 and 38. You know, I hate flying but it went by quickly enough and I didn’t totally panic. We got into Phoenix at 9:30 am local time and then headed to our hotel. Soon after, I had to meet up with Mia (my SIL) to get spa treatments. We ubered into Mesa and then I got a pedi. I ended up going back before her because I wanted to get back to my family. In the afternoon, we rested a wee bit before getting dressed, heading to my in-laws’ hotel right near us, then we had pizza and about 9 of us boarded the party bus for Carol’s night out. Since she and John were getting married – the purpose for this trip – they took us around to a variety of bars and breweries. Good times, though I definitely woke up feeling dead Friday.
  • In fact, I think it was a combo of many things: not enough water or food on travel day, probably not enough sleep, one too many beers, etc. I was SICK from about 6-10 but Ash brought me toast and Gatorade and took the kids out to do stuff so I could dry heave in peace. Luckily, I got to feeling ok and then we went for lunch at the local mall. The Chandler mall is amazing! You know I love a good mall and this one was great; not a dead or dying mall in any way! The kids got to swim with their aunt and uncle a lot and I rested before going out for the rehearsal dinner.
  • Saturday was wedding day. We had breakfast, then went to a Buffalo Wild Wings to watch college football. Dakota and I had to be to m in-laws’ hotel for hair and makeup about mid-day then in the afternoon, I got some work done before getting wedding ready and heading to the event. It was very nice and my favorite part was that it was literally only from 6-10. They had it at their favorite restaurant, Macayos, and they had to be out by 10. We left about 9:30 because the kids were tired. We were off our normal time schedule and we were all affected by the time change.
  • Sunday was say-goodbye-day for us. We saw Ash’s dad and Mary before they drove back to Tucson, Carol and John stopped by Majerle’s grill where we were eating to see us for a little. Then Uncle Elliot and Mia came by before their flight. We went back home to rest and swim before heading back to the mall to pick up some light dinner and a piece of cheesecake. I sure wish we had a Cheesecake Factory here but I don’t think we could keep one alive.
  • Monday was our day to fly out and we left the hotel around 8ish. Our flight got pushed back a little so we sat at the SanTan brewery in the airport while the kids charged devices and we ate some Panera. The pilot got us there a little faster, which was good since our car plan was that we’d get a rental, drop Ash’s car off at a pre-researched mechanic in Atlanta, then drive home. They’re working on it now and he’ll rent a car to go pick it up once it’s done. Always something, you know??
  • Today, I have to try and get back to normal grading and work. Though I am also plowing through ALL THE LAUNDRY and cleaning up the house. But I am super happy to be back home. My pillow was sorely missed. It’s gray and wet here but that’s normal; it’s Fall. Probably going to get a little cooler now too. Oh, and today is our 14th wedding anniversary. Are we doing anything? Probably not!

2 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Back from vacation, time to readjust, moving on

  1. Oh man! I sure hope it’s nothing major with your car – Murphy’s Law always dictates something like that will happen at the most inopportune time…you know, like going out of town. Sounds like you had a solid plan for what to do, and here’s hoping it’s all fixed.

    What a fun getaway for wedding and family stuff – except the part of you getting sick a bit. Glad you recovered and hope you enjoyed your time! 🙂

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