Wednesday Medley – Pressed for time but I blogged!

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1. Space. The final frontier. October 4th ⁠— 10th is World Space Week. Over the course of your lifetime, how many solar systems or science projects have you created for the school Science Fair? Were any of your projects memorable? Have you ever peered through a telescope or visited a planetarium? Been away from city lights and enjoyed the night sky?

I have to be honest with you all: I don’t care for space. I know that sounds weird but it kind of scares me. I mean, some things about it or cool and I have helped kids make some various projects about it – when do kids NOT get an A these days?? I don’t care for the planetarium but I kind of wish I had a telescope. Where we used to go in western New York was way far from all lights and the night sky was so beautiful! A couple weeks ago, we saw the International Space Station go overhead and that was pretty neat.

2. It is also National Carry A Tune Week. Do you sing in the shower? In a choir? Carpool karaoke? Whistle while you work?
I am infamous for singing in my car. The kids hate it! Sometimes in the shower because I may finish a run and take my ipod right in and connect it to my speaker and finish the songs.  And no, I am not good at it.
3. On this day in 1992, seventeen-year-old Michelle Knapp was watching television when she was startled by crash in the driveway. Little did she know but she’d have to cancel her date with her boyfriend. Her Chevy Malibu had been struck by a meteorite! What is the strangest excuse you’ve ever heard? Or come up with?
Ha! All my friends are too honest: they just tell you straight up they took too damn long to get ready.
4. Happy Birthday, John Winston Ono Lennon! John Lennon was resistant to The Beatles wearing identical suits which played a part of their early image leading to commercial success. Have you ever worn a uniform or an outfit that you disliked?
I frequently hated dressing up when I was a kid. Church was always uncomfortable and  I hardly ever liked any of my clothes for nice events.
5. We are in the midst of the Major League Baseball playoffs. At the time of writing, the New York Yankees swept the Minnesota Twins to advance to the American League championship. Is there a team you are cheering for? Is your team out of contention? Do you prefer a different sport? Or are sports not your thing?
I hate to be so negative but I abhor baseball. Like, I have fond memories of sharing it with my dad – in person and on TV – but it’s dreadfully boring. I’m more of a football person and I never have a team but I do play fantasy so there are teams and players I root for.
6. Tell us something interesting about your week.
I am trying hard to get ahead since I am going to Arizona this week. I AM ahead too, but I keep having home days where I feel so tired and sluggish after lunch that getting back into work mode is very difficult. Adjusting to this new lifestyle has definitely been interesting! But I can tell you this: it is far less stressful! I had lunch yesterday with a former coworker and I don’t miss a single thing about working in that office, what with all the drama and backstabbing. I am so much happier being able to set my own pace.
Arizona should be nice. I enjoy the desert atmosphere and we’ll be seeing family. I also think I need a break from life and work!

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Medley – Pressed for time but I blogged!

  1. I can imagine how much nicer it is to be away from backstabbing office politics. Sounds like it was awful. Enjoy your trip to Arizona!
    I had forgotten how uncomfortable dressy clothes could be for a child.

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