MMMM + Prepping to travel

I hate flying and traveling in general -oh, I like being other places – but the getting there is what I cannot stand. Sigh. Anyway, we’re headed to Arizona, a place that very well may be hotter than it is here in Florida. But that’s where my husband’s dad’s wife’s daughter is getting married. I know that sounds crazy and  I could have said step-sister but his dad didn’t marry Mary until Ash was already in college. So her daughter, Carol, never lived with him. I feel like step-sister implies joining families inhabiting a home. Either way, that’s our plan.

Weekend was good. I was in a hurry to get done with work Friday. I made my classes optional so they were so lax that I too felt like I could use a break. I picked up pizza on my way and then when I got home, Ash told me we’d  been invited up to the brewery that’s about a mile from the house with some friends. Funny enough, they never actually made it. But he and I had a nice time. I drank just the right number of beers to feel good but not bad after. BUT I slept awful. Not because I felt bad but I woke up at 3 am and just could not get back to sleep. I was wide awake! Sigh. The next morning, I had to wake up early because Ell needed to be to the flag football fields by 7:15; he had pictures then warm ups before his 8:30 game. Then Isaac had 9:30 pictures and a 10:30 game! We didn’t get out of there until 11:50 and then after driving and all, we didn’t eat at Sonny’s until 1. It was a weird afternoon. I know I immediately took a nap once we got home, that’s for sure. I read somewhere once that 90 minutes is the perfect nap length because it has to do with allowing your body one full sleep cycle with REM and all that. Well, I somehow woke after exactly 90 minutes and felt renewed.

We were lazy after that. I made the kids dinner and then we watched Big Trouble in Little China, because why not? Such a fun 80s movie. After the kids went to bed, I took a bath and we watched some South Park. I remember when that show came out, 23 seasons ago, and sadly, it’s not that funny anymore.

Sunday was decent. I woke up and got ready to run. I did 3.5 miles on a hilly route and felt  really good! Went to the store, did laundry, and made tacos for lunch. Watched football all afternoon. Our old friend, Mike, was able to come too. He used to always watch on Sundays but, you know, life gets in the way. He hadn’t actually been to our new house! But in all fairness, we didn’t have DirectTV last year. At the old house we did and then we couldn’t get it here until recently when they were able to find a satellite.

Today, I am working on catching up on grading. Since I won’t have Thursday, my normal “get a lot of grading done” day, I have to really fill all the time I have with responsible things. I have a pretty long to-do list for this week as well!


OK, I’ll bite on Halloween songs. But they won’t be cute today. No, I am thinking of scary/dark things. OK, that’s not true. One will be a little campy but dark and one will be what the band typically serves up. I like to describe Ghost as “A little sexy, a little satanic.” LOL. It’s funny, ok? I mean, only Ghost can get away with saying “Tickle you internally.” Honestly, only Tobias can do that.


Back story, the current lead singer’s character (who has gone through many incarnations each album) has made the oldest member of the clergy, Papa Nihil, kind of mad. So there are two songs now that hearken back to when Nihil was the singer. It’s supposed to take place in the late 60s. Hence the musical influence heard here. It’s hard to explain if you are not in the Ghost fandom. But unlike other bands, there’s a whole host of characters and stories behind each album.


OK so Type O Negative is, to me, the ultimate October band. I’ve loved them since the mid to late 90s and they are always on my Halloween playlist.


6 thoughts on “MMMM + Prepping to travel

  1. A couple of interesting musical choices…

    Has “South Park” actually been on that long? I know “The Simpsons” has been on forever. I don’t watch either, to be honest, except in reruns…

  2. Claire,

    I don’t travel any other than by car. I like keeping close to the ground. I think it would be neat to travel by train if it weren’t for the closed-in quarters but I think I could bear it to give it a try someday. 🙂 Your song picks are new to me. It was interesting to listen to them. They aren’t quite in my wheelhouse but I enjoyed the exposure. I didn’t watch the videos of either, so I can’t tell you if they were scary. I’d rather draw my first impressions on an artist’s work by listening first and think both lead singers have good voices. I enjoyed the mewsic arrangement of both songs, too. I think I might like the first one a little better overall because there’s something about it that almost seems familiar. Have a boogietastic week, my friend!

  3. I wasn’t familiar with this Ghost song but they have such a distinctive style, one can guess seconds into the song. As for Type O Negative, I had never heard of them or this song, and where was I? I expected to see Ozzy Osbourne in there. Maybe he was! I see their lead singer died several years ago. Too bad – he was good. Safe travels!

  4. My hubby is just like you – if we travel anywhere, he’d much prefer doing a road trip to avoid flying. Mostly because flying hasn’t been fun since 9/11, and planes have shrunk down the seat area sizes and upped the prices. Plus, for whatever reason, any time we do fly, he’s the one that gets extra attention during security…I’m sure being Mr. Cranky McCranksty going through the airport doesn’t help him in that regard…LOL!!

    Thanks for the introduction – your song choices are new to me! Thanks for the dance! 🙂

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