Thursday 13 – Let’s revisit those “me” things


A few weeks ago I listed things I wanted to do once I had transitioned into my new schedule with more at-home time. Let’s see how many of them I have done and if I have new ones to add. It’s been roughly 6 weeks!

  1. Drive out to Bradley’s when I feel cooped up. Well, what I ended up doing was driving the kids out there on the Friday before school began. I was off work to do doctor and orientation things so we went out there and got candy and I got some pickles. I have not made another trip out.
  2. Make kombucha. I did!  Actually, I made one batch that turned out great, shared my SCOBY with a friend so she could, and today is day 7/9 of first fermentation for my second batch. I can’t decide what fruit to put in this one. Raspberries maybe.
  3. Sand and repaint the stair railings. Not yet!
  4. Go back to doing yoga. Nope. Been doing some stretches but none of the videos I was before.
  5. Run! Yes, I have been consistently running on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Not too far – sometimes just 2 or 3 miles – but definitely have the time now.
  6. Digitize old photos. Not yet. It’s all set up but I haven’t taken that step to begin.
  7. Minor yard maintenance. Some. I have been moving my sprinkler around lately since we’ve had very little rain and are actually at a rainwater deficit for Summer. I’e also been keeping up with adding water to the pool. But there’s so much other yard stuff I could be doing.
  8. Try new restaurants. Ok this I have done. I tried the burrito bowls at this place called Burrito Boarder (sadly, no good), I had a sandwich at Lucky’s market (too much bread), and I got bahn mi from a Vietnamese restaurant (it was AMAZING.) I still have a couple places I want to hit.
  9. Sit by/in the pool. NOPE! I sat on the deck a few times but have not gotten in alone.
  10. Find and make more crockpot recipes.  I did, when Ash was out of town, but I could be doing much better.
  11. Transfer old VHS home movies to another format. Nope.
  12. Look into investments. NOPE
  13. Clean out the bags of junk I took from the old office. Somewhat. I was looking for some kind of office-y clip and I went through one bag I thought may have one so I cleaned a little.

Additional things I DID do:

  • Purchased Disney tickets. Had been putting it off and don’t know why!
  • Decorated for Fall and Halloween!
  • Eaten lunch with my husband often enough. More often than we ever used to.
  • Started keeping track of my paychecks. Before, I’d just let everything for the month get deposited then I paid off my bills at month’s end. But since it’s different now, I need to stay on top of it.

2 thoughts on “Thursday 13 – Let’s revisit those “me” things

  1. Seems planning is easier than doing. Sitting by the pool (wish I had one) and trying new restaurants is the easiest one. I made kombucha years ago, now it’s everywhere. .

  2. Sometimes I find making a list causes me to do the other things I’ve put off because I don’t want to tackle the list. You’d think that being in my 60s I’d be more mature about my lists. lol

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