MMMM + Long, busy weekend recap and done with prior job!

So you guys, I am going to quickly regale you with the tale of Wednesday afternoon at my job that you all have been reading about for months. It came to a head and thank God I was most done anyway. I went in for my weekly meeting with the boss and I said, “Here’s the list of all the stuff I have finished and the few things I am working on.” and she angrily says, “Oh, ARE you working? I haven’t seen any emails from you.” Admittedly, I am supposed to copy her on everything but since almost everything was done, I didn’t have anything to send. So I calmly said this and she escalated it, accusing me of purposely slacking to make her life harder. I looked down at my list and calmly and quietly said, “OK I’m going back to my office because I am not going to sit here and be yelled at and accused.” So I got up, walked down the hall and she stomped her feet and chased after me, yelling the whole time, telling me I had to obey her. Though I don’t recall saying it, I apparently told her she’s not my mom. LOL. So yeah, that was awful. My department chair came in and diffused it after she walked into my office, slammed the door, and proceeded to yell some more. It was very awkward and everyone saw it so at least I had witnesses. I called HR right after and told my story. The good thing is that it may have opened the door for others to complain about her poor treatment of them.

On Thursday, I came in like normal, even though I badly wanted to call out. Around 10:30, my chair came in and said he was allowing me to go at noon for good, paid, to escape the toxic environment. But I know it was not his idea. It came from my boss’s boss, who is equally as awful. Chances are – and I didn’t think about this at the time – they were worried I might take serious action against her. So Thursday was weird because I said some final goodbyes, left at noon and returned my key, talked to my dear friend on campus, then I went home. No, I first stopped into Whole Foods and got myself some excellent food. It wasn’t long until the kids got home and we went to Walmart. But then, Ash called to say his friend’s 6 month old puppy died so he was going up to Growler Country to console him. I met them there for about 30 mins, went home to feed kids, then took the boys to their first flag football practices.

Friday was my first official day of the new schedule, I suppose. I didn’t have anything to do except get ready for classes. But Ash was sick so he was home. I spent all morning mowing the lawns then he and I went out for some lunch. We napped in the afternoon, went to Goodwill for a power strip, then set up my new desk area.

Saturday morning, I did some cleaning then took Isaac to practice. My parents got into town around 12:30 and at 2, Dakota has her Girl Scout bridge party. It was pretty fun, I guess. She was the only one not moving up and the new girl who’s supposed to be at the same level didn’t show. That evening, I made spaghetti and we watched that awful Miami/Florida game. I hate both teams but I hate Florida more. Also, my shitty old boss is a huge Gator fan so I really want them to lose.

Sunday was crazy busy because we had Dakota’s belated party to pull off. I got up and cleaned and started laundry. Then we went and got her snacks and cake and a Plan B in case it rained, because the forecast was like, 80% chance. We got some sun catcher painting kits and I felt pretty good about that. We all went out for Mexican then got home and set up. People came around 2 and it was great! Off without a hitch. And no rain! I was really happy about that and everyone had fun and was exhausted.

I begin the new teaching gig today – the face-to-face one at the community college. In fast, I leave in about 30 minutes because I want to find parking and my classroom etc.  It will be both fun and nerve-wracking!


OK I love a freebie week but I am having a hard time coming up with anything to share. How about the newest Tool song? It’s been forever since they put out an album!

7 thoughts on “MMMM + Long, busy weekend recap and done with prior job!

  1. Claire,

    Sometimes blessings come in disguise even when you don’t think they are blessings. Getting outta there a few days early and paving the way for others who are unhappy there are two that I see from this ordeal. It’s unbelievable to me how awful some bosses can be and the company or institute stands behind these individuals. They should be ashamed of themselves because it’s the folks down the ladder who help to keep the paychecks flowing. But, as long as people think they can act the way they do they will until a change occurs with one purrson at a time doing the right thing. Best of luck in your new position. Thank you for hitting the dance floor with the 4M crew! Have a boogietastic week!

  2. You’re well rid of that boss, and her boss. My guess is that after you called HR they called the boss’s boss and told her what was going on, and she talked to your boss, who then talked to the department head, no doubt telling it to make it seem that you were the guilty party. All’s well that ends well, and you got a day and a half of paid vacation out of the deal. Hope all goes well for you in your new job.

  3. So that’s how it ended (your horrid job, that is) and good riddance. And to get your last day and a half off paid for was just the cherry on top. Good luck with the new position. So, about Tool, it took them such a long time that it had become a joke on the satellite radio station my husband listens to. This is the second selection from their new album I’ve heard and – they are both good. Unmistakably Tool.

  4. Holy moly! so glad that horrid job (and horrid boss) is finally done!! I can’t imagine having to work with such toxicity – don’t know how you lasted as long as you did! Looking forward to reading how the new gig is going! 🙂

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