Thursday 13 – As summer comes to a close


Kids go back to school Monday and though I won’t start teaching just yet, it still signals that summer break is ending. It’s always a weird time so here are 13 thoughts as things morph into a new season.

  1. There’s always a weird feeling about August. It’s rife with stressful things: a dichotomy of activity to get back into the routine paired with last minute fun. We always try to squeeze whatever we can out of summer. Elliot has friends coming over and we have little friend parties ourselves. It’s the rush to feel the break of summer just a few more times.
  2. Our friend Brian admitted to already listening to Christmas music. Though I think this is insane, he said it’s the only way he can get through August and that I understand.
  3. Though it’s been hot and humid this week, I feel motivated to run. Elliot will go with me today to do some fast miles, in preparation for cross country. I just want to get my mileage back up. I did 3 on Sunday and it felt pretty good. I’m not really building for any races but maybe I will.
  4. I’m off this Friday – for kids related things – but I am still damn happy to have a day off work. Should be pretty nice to just be able to think about my actual life and not my work life.
  5. This is something I hope will become more prevalent with my new schedule. On the days I am at home, yes I’ll be working, but putting together my own schedule, alone, by myself in my own home, maybe I can focus on getting my life together in a better way. Something that always bothered me about going to work is that sometimes I’d sit there and think about all the stuff I could be doing at home.
  6. I went and did my paperwork for my one in-person teaching job and the cool thing is that I can park in the faculty lot. Adjuncts here don’t get any kind of perks. They simply get paid. But there, at least they allow decent parking. This greatly changes my MWF mornings because I know when I can leave my house and safely make it to class on time.
  7. I feel badly that I haven’t done any laps in my pool this summer. I’ve hung out in it, sure. The kids have played a lot. But I never did swim swim. Maybe once I start my job at home I can find time to do it. I plan to run on some mornings so maybe I’ll alternate with the laps.
  8. You know, I really don’t think I will miss the office environment. There might be some days when I wish I had that but if we’re being honest, I really am just a loner.
  9. I may need to do some research on how to motivated one’s self when they have a work from home type job. I don’t think I will have too many issues, as I am a self starter, but it might happen.
  10. I bought a keyboard for my new desk setup. I need a desk though. LOL. I am going to use my laptop as one monitor and then plug in the other devices. I also have a 32 inch TV I’m using for my second monitor. I think this will really help my grading efficiency.
  11. For a brief moment, I was a little worried that my diet may fall to pieces, with all the food at my disposal. Just another thing I’m going to have to be good about with the new job set up.
  12. I reloaded my laptop at home in preparation for all the at home work I’ll be doing. Don’t you love a clean slate?
  13. And don’t think for one second I haven’t forgotten about my long list of things I want to do once I have more free time! Dreaming about drives down country roads and eating at new places. LOL.

11 thoughts on “Thursday 13 – As summer comes to a close

  1. August feels tainted with sadness. I can feel the end of summer and can hardly get in the garden full of weeds. But I did do laps in our country club pool. I wish school still started after Labor Day like it used to

  2. This (former) teacher clearly recalls the sometimes uncomfortable dichotomy of summer vacation’s final weeks. Retirement suits him well.

  3. We still have a month until school starts in Montana. Not that it impacts me now as I don’t teach and my kids are grown.

  4. Dad always used to take the week before Labor Day and we’d go to a place near Lake Delavan, Wisconsin. It was the end of summer and already getting chilly and rainy, but we could usually count on a couple of days we could go swimming, and he’d golf almost every day. I know what you’re talking about in #1…

  5. I have worked from home since 1993. An illness forced me to “retire” sort of in 2015, though I still do some freelancing (I was a freelance writer for a very long time). Deadlines are helpful. Making sure you spend time away from your desk – away from the house actually – is also helpful. I’m terribly introverted but even I need to see people sometimes. You will have to find your own rhythm, though. My only advice is to give it time. Don’t worry if you don’t have it figured out in six months.

    1. Thanks! This is nice to hear. I am also an introvert so the office sort of made me be social. But I did it a long time so I think I am ok to try new endeavors.

  6. I am still startled by kids returning to school in August: we only went back after Labor Day, and it was a shorter year all around. Maybe too many days off in the middle, now? When we moved to Mass. and I was in the 5th grade, I was stunned to realize that the kids were still in school in mid June! all those Mass. holidays is what did it.

    When my husband retired from the Navy Yard he still had ‘pickup work” from two different companies, and with the computer he was able to extend his work-from-home time for several years. It was much better without the commute twice a day and getting up extra early in the winter to plow before he left. As he said, more than once, I’ve never worked so hard, since I retired, but I’ve never regretted any of it. =)

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