Thursday 13 – Up and coming


Hey all, in an attempt to get back to doing this Thursday link-up, I was actually a little early to work and I am going to list thirteen things – big and small – I have coming up that are exciting/interesting.

  1. Half day Friday! Ash and I are going to try Tijuana Flats again. Been a minute since I ate there and he never has. But we have one right near the house.
  2. Brewing. Our last brew should be ready to tap on Sunday so we’re going to try brewing again Friday afternoon.
  3. After that, we’re going bowling with our friends. The whole kids bowl free in the summer thing is pretty awesome. We just pay shoe rental fee (and for food and drink, which we inevitably do.)
  4. Saturday, Dakota turns 6! but we aren’t doing a party yet. I think we might wait until school begins.
  5. She goes to a good friend’s 6th birthday in the AM.
  6. Then we’re going to Proof with some Girl Scout families. The new location is huge and has a lot of new food options.
  7. I guess that night will be when we do her dinner. We always let the birthday person pick the restaurant. My guess is she will choose hibachi.
  8. Next week, should be a little slower at work but I have my HR appointment at the community college (one of my new jobs) so that’s a step in the right direction.
  9. I had a dream last night that I was somehow on an intramural soccer team and we had to travel to Clemson, so I missed our friend Wayne’s birthday on the 9th.
  10. I also then missed the brew club party on the 10th. Luckily, this was just a very vivid dream and we should totally be able to do both those things.
  11. I’m a little scared about the logistics of it but the first week of September, I have two concerts to attend, out of town! It’ll be fun though. I have been listening to more Slipknot though so at least I am caught up.
  12. Even though last Monday didn’t pan out, I do still plan to get a hair cut and a pedicure sometime soon. I really need both!
  13. And finally, I am really looking forward to enacting the list I posted last week – the things I can’t wait to do when I have time. I am maybe in a little bit of a hurry to begin but I know I will need to adjust and get organized with all my classes first!

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