Random Tuesday – Shirts, fasting, and hot hot hot

Stacy Uncorked


  • So, funny story: the lead singer of the band Behemoth is selling some of his personal vintage t-shirts on ebay. He posts videos about them on his instagram and so I figured I’d go take a look. He had a Judas Priest Point of Entry shirt (an album I am particularly fond of) and with 5 days left in the auction, it was only at 15 bucks. I put it on my watch list and forgot about it. On Saturday evening, I got an ebay reminder and the auction had 5 hours left. Since it was only at 40 bucks, I went ahead and bid, figuring I’d surely be outbid in that time. I woke Sunday to see that I’d won it! I am pretty happy about it. Not only is it a shirt for one of my fave bands BUT Adam wore it at some point and I love him and his band too. It’s like, double awesome.
  • This is the guy, btw, from Behemoth, which is quickly becoming one of my fave bands. I get to see them in September! Yee!tumblr_pq5kg3cgYQ1qas77x_540
  • OK fangirling over; let’s talk Game of Thrones. Did you – those who watch – like how it ended? As far as I am concerned, it ended the only way it could, given the direction they went after season 5. I still don’t like a lot of it though. I’m just kind of disappointed in what they decided to do. But that’s ok; it’s just a show.
  • I’m desperately trying not to think about how the kids only have 2 more weeks of school. Then, there’s 2 weeks of no camp – I opted out for reasons. In the first week, my parents will be here to watch them. In the second? No earthly idea. Maybe to work with me, but since I am not downstairs anymore, that might not work out too well. Perhaps I can plant them in an office though with devices and whatnot.
  • The temps will hit 90 all this week, which signifies that summer is here but it’s good for my pool temp, truth be told. It’s not unbearable now – 75 degrees – but it could stand to be slightly warmer.
  • ETA: my husband and kids got in the pool yesterday (I got home too late to) and they said it’s already at 77. Heck yeah, cannot wait!
  • Intermittent fasting update: day 21. I have definitely lost weight but since I have yet to buy a scale, I really don’t know how much. I also don’t know my starting weight. But my clothes feel better and I do too. Last night I had to push my 6 pm window to 6:30 because getting home a little later and then making dinner for the kids threw me off. But I had an avocado on wheat with an egg on top. That’s keto at its finest I believe. Ok, maybe not the bread. Ok, maybe it’s fine; I think most people will tell you to focus on net carbs. Personally, I am not trying to cut all the carbs or anything like that; just focusing on eating within a certain period. So far, it seems to be working for me.
  • I’m super excited to go to the beach this weekend. It will be our first trip of the season and it should be nice. I just love the air, the waves, the sand, the sun. It just makes me so… happy.33528282854_c4f13b1762_z

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