Random Tuesday – Just mundane stuff this week; sorry

Stacy Uncorked


  • Considering so many of my freedoms at work – including having an office with a damn window – have been taken away, I’m still in an uplifted mood, somehow.
  • Yesterday felt really productive once I got home. I cleaned out my car, the area around the pool pump, and I went to the grocery store. I also made a breakfast dinner, which satisfied my craving for those foods. I do miss breakfast on the intermittent fasting;  I know I could adjust my window but it’s probably easiest for me to not eat in the morning. I thought about all the ways I could eat breakfast and lunch only but I don’t think it would work. I come home and cook for the kids so I had better eat too.
  • So, college is in summer session, which means a mere fraction of students are here. Though public school is still in, traffic has been greatly reduced. Kind of surprised how much traffic all around town is caused by college kids. I love it though; I get to zip through town without as much suffering.
  • I can tell today is going to be long; we had a fire drill this morning and it is still only one hour and forty minutes into the day. I’m hungry already and feeling anxious.
  • I’m actually surprised that we’re halfway through May, to be honest.  This time of the year always moves in weird ways; speeds up, slows down. Sometimes I don’t even know what day it is. It’s also the time of one million things coming home from the kids’s schools. They have field trips and end of year projects and all kinds of events. I sometimes think I am losing my mind with all this.
  • And when I get this way, I tend to cop out on certain things. We ate out three times this past weekend but then, I planned meals for dinner this week. SO I guess it balances out. But I definitely find myself wanting to eat out when I get overwhelmed.

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