MMMM + I got to work early but WHY?

Lordy, why do I do it? I remember, in the not too distant past, when I didn’t mind a Monday at all. I had a nice weekend and I was prepared for a day of work. But these days, I dread Mondays. Though I was alright this morning, coming in. I felt like the traffic was light and I listened to some classic Judas Priest. Better make the most of a bad mood, eh?

Anyway, my weekend was pretty darn good. Thursday evening we went to Homebrew club but didn’t drink but the very minimum; we both had quite enough Wednesday. Ash and I sat outside that evening enjoying the good weather and perhaps one too many drafts. So anyway, Friday, at exactly 4:30, I high-tailed it out of here to get home to everyone already there. Ash took a half day and did pool stuff and mailed packages, etc. I was jealous.  By 5:45 we were leaving to meet an old friend, his brother, and their mom at Chuy’s.  I told you about this friend a few months ago because he was back in town when his dad died. That guy was such a good dude, too. So anyway, they were here to help the mom clear out stuff at the house and celebrate Mother’s day and it was nice we could go. Kelly brought his youngest daughter too, who is Dakota’s age. So we had a good time. I didn’t realize what the Chuy’s Nacho car even was, since we usually go there for lunch. It’s pretty cool you can get chips, cheese, and salsa, unlimited, during their happy hour.

Ash owed Isaac ice cream because neither of us had been able to take him to work on Take Your Kid to Work day so we went to Bruster’s after. I am so dang proud of myself because directly after Chuy’s I closed my eating window. Yes, that’s right: I passed up the bets ice cream in town!

Saturday began early because Ash had agreed to go to Kelly’s mom’s house and help them with clean out. In the end, he was better at the emotional support side, as she broke down about all the objects that reminded her of her husband. While he and Dakota were gone and the boys playing Fortnite, I got some house junk done; I washed every exterior window. The stuff I got that attached to the hose worked pretty well except on these two second floor windows that could use a good scrub. But I wasn’t about to get on the roof. After that I ran to Target for a kid birthday gift and then to the UPS store to finally mail a package to my sister and some thank you notes. Ash and Koda got back a little after 1 – by this time the boys were next door playing and I was outside in the sun with a beer – and then he turned right around and took her to a birthday party. It was at that point I realized I was all by myself! I turned on the music, got a beer, and floated lazily around my pool. It was magnificent!

When they got back, we had some downtime, Elliot went back over next door to spend the night, and the four of us went to Sonny’s. That night, we watched this excellent movie: The Kid Who Would Be King. Not sure how I didn’t see it before but man, good movie! I can’t believe it only has a 6/10 rating on imdb. People really have no discerning tastes, do they?

Sunday was supposed to be rainy but the day began very sunny! I also somehow slept in until 8, which is VERY rare for me. I managed to get out to the store and then mow the front yard. Elliot went to church with the neighbors and when he got back, we went out for beer and pizza for mother’s day, because that is what I wanted. I didn’t get any real-time gifts but Ash got me a beer of the month club membership so I look forward to that! We had a very relaxing afternoon once it did start raining and the evening ended with Game of Thrones, which was a good episode but super disappointing in terms of the character arcs that were destroyed to bits. Sigh. Those writers REALLY took the lazy way out of so many angles the past few seasons.


Um, body part song titles? This is rough!

How about a little Kix?

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