Wednesday Medley – Blast from the past

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1.  Do you ever wear stockings today?

Hardly ever. Sometimes if I am going to some kind of fancy occasion like a wedding I will but I don’t particularly like to.

2.  Terri can remember her mom wearing hose with the seam in the back.  Do you have any memories of those?  During the war, when stockings were scarce, women would draw a line on their legs to simulate wearing stockings!  How far would you go to superficially fake something today?

I don’t remember my mom wearing them but I know some people will do it now for effect; to simulate the old days. I’m not much into faking it. In fact, I can’t think of a single thing I’d do like that, to be honest.

3.  Women actually rioted after WWII because Dupont couldn’t keep up with the demand for nylon stockings!  Is there anything today you would riot for if the supply dried up (other than basic food and water needs)?

Hmm, rough one. I doubt I’d riot for anything but I’d be pretty upset without coffee. And maybe gas for the cars.

4.  Pantyhose were first called Panty Legs.  I’m sure we all have worn pantyhose at one time or another (again, men don’t have to answer). Do you still have a pair or three in a drawer?  Do you wear them?

As mentioned above, yeah I will every now and then. They do help keep things feeling contained anyway.

5.  This is also National Chocolate Chip Day.  Perhaps chocolate is something to riot for if we ran out?  Joe’s favorite cookie is chocolate chip.  What is yours?

I love a good chocolate chunk cookie and yeah it would suck without it, but I’d live.

6.  Please share something with us about your week.

The new office is working out ok. But I think it’s because my mindset is one of getting out of here. I have had two interviews and then tomorrow, I have a sort of pre-interveiw for a DOT job. It’s just a series of questions and if I pass, then I get a regular interview. I can put up with anything for a short amount of time so it’s only a matter of time before I’m outta here!

3 thoughts on “Wednesday Medley – Blast from the past

  1. I don’t wear pantyhose much now days, although I often wear knee high stockings becuase my feet sweat a lot so much that my feet get blisters if I try to wear sandals over bare feet

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