Friday Bullet (points) – Thanks god it is the day that it is

  • That nagging feeling of “need a break!” is still plaguing me. I basically fell asleep last night by plotting what a great day off during the week would be like. It’s so disgustingly mundane and yet, comforting.
  • Some ways I am keeping myself sane: planning and making lists of things I want to do. Nothing fun; I’m talking about cleaning mold off window frames, spraying weed killer, wiping down the leather couches. Just stuff that bangs around on my mental to-do list but somehow doesn’t get accomplished.
  • One of our co-workers is pushing for the schedule that our old department chair used to allow in summer: going home early on Fridays. Obviously someone would have to stay in the office so we’d rotate and I am more than willing to do my part if that means we can have some afternoons to ourselves. We always feel the crunch this time of year because we only have two holidays in Spring: MLK in early January and Memorial Day at the end of May!
  • Intermittent fasting: still going pretty well. I am kind of hungry in the mornings but I know I will train myself out of that. I watched this highly scientific youtube video about how this method converts that difficult to get rid of belly fat into the kind that is easier to burn. So maybe in time (it has only been a week for me) this will pan out. My friend who does it said her arms no longer fall asleep at night, her belly is flatter, her wrists thinner. So who knows where mine will come off but I look forward to the benefits.
  • My schedule for it has gotten off track since last weekend because I had to push windows. I was doing about a 10-6 but then I realized evenings were easier if I did an eating block of 11 am – 7 pm. But then the weekend was a late dinner and early beer and then last night I drank later into the night since we were at brew club. So I have to get back to that 11-7. We’re going out tonight but I don’t know what time so again, adjustments will be made.
  • In the new office I was forced to move to, everything is opposite. My phone, calendar, lotion, etc… were all on my right before and with the way this office is and the L shaped desk, it’s all on the left. I am trying to adjust but it sucks!
  • One positive of feeling annoyed with work is that I am always super thankful about going home. I appreciate my home more and my family. Granted, things have calmed down at work now but still, the idea remains. I didn’t go in until later today because Dakota’s class did a Muffins for Mom thing and it was nice to have that extra time at home and with them.
  • You know sometimes, I just blog so I have something to do at work. Yesterday went quickly but I can already tell today will be slow. Yesterday though I had another interview so I was preparing for and doing that. I thought it went really well but we will see!

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