Friday Bullets

  • This week has actually been good, in terms of how I felt about work and how I was treated. My friend upstairs was down here during a time when I was packing up my office and I guess it kind of choked her up, thinking about how I have to give up my personal space that belonged to me for almost 13 years. I guess my cruel heartless boss saw her in the break room later and was surprised she felt that way. I am a pretty emotionless person to people not in my immediate family but damn. She is another level of cold. I do think we got along at first because of that commonality but she took it too far.
  • This intermittent fasting is definitely interesting. The first day I felt great. The second day, I felt a little brain foggy. The third day, I am pushing my window back a but to accommodate my traveling tonight so I am aiming for 12 instead of 10:30 to come off the fast. So far, I have made it to 10 and I am feeling ok. It’s funny how making a change in your life can be so fulfilling. It has given me something else to focus on. I analyze the changes and think about how I can make things better instead of worrying about any other stress in my life. I really appreciate that.
  • I know I said this yesterday but I need a vacation. Not like what I’m doing this weekend, though it is a get-away.  I won’t have much downtime. There’s no hang out by the pool time. I don’t think anyway. Now that I think about it, maybe I should bring a suit just in case.
  • They’re constructing a new office inside a larger space next door to my office. It’s sort of sadly poetic that I have to put up with the clanging and drilling and all that in my last week in my own office. Next week I’ll be upstairs and to be honest, I hope to not be there too long, God-willing. If I get a new job it can be a temporary move.
  • I finally found a clear bag to take with me and you’d think they’d be in abundance since most venues and sporting events require them now! I found an FSU one at the bookstore and it was a whopping two dollars less than Academy but it is also the right size and has a cross body strap. Win!
  • OK I need to find something to fill my time before I eat and so work doesn’t feel like a total waste.

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