Wayback Machine – Hearken back to good times

This week isn’t about a particular place – it’s about a time. And more so, about a feeling. This morning I was feeling nostalgic for the time when my oldest was about 5 and my middle, about 2. My daughter hadn’t been born yet. If you’re a parent then you probably remember how it felt to have young children. It can be so rewarding and magical and stressful at the same time. Ash and I enjoyed having times when he and I could get away from it all. We probably started taking half days every other Friday once Elliot had gone to daycare – so around 18 months.  We’d go get some food and then see a movie, usually. Over the years it morphed into maybe seeing a movie, maybe doing some other activity. Around Christmas we’d shop for gifts. Sometimes we’d just go home and take a nap in a quiet house!

Since work has become stricter now, I can’t do that anymore. So it makes me think about how he and I took some little vacations together during those younger years in my sons’ lives. We went to Daytona Beach in 2011 and Cocoa Beach in 2012.



It was so nice to be able to just do what we wanted, when we wanted. I consider myself pretty lucky that we were able to go on family vacations over the years too but those getaways were the best. And it’s more the feeling of where I was in my life at the time that paints it in such a good light. Sure, young kids were s constant stressor and sometimes work was rough but it didn’t make me feel the way it does now. The kids are definitely easier these days but we are always so busy.

Ash and I have adapted and sometimes we go out to dinner just he and I. We go to homebrew club once a month too so we definitely still have that time. Lives changes, I realize, but there’s a happy feeling surrounding the memories of those years and I cherish them.

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