MMMM + Goal accomplished

The goal this weekend was to RELAX. To forget about my crap job and to do very little that HAS to be done. The last few weeks were all party prep and this weekend was just stuff we felt like doing. Friday afternoon, I went home and we did very little. Just sort of hung about. But then my son mentioned that if he wore one of his school shirts, they got into the skating rink for free. So he found a friend who wanted to go, I took Ell and Isaac, and met the kid there. I dropped them off for about an hour and a half then picked them up. I think they had a great time and I also think it’s pretty funny that kids still hang out at the skating rink.

Saturday we had big breakfast and then just sort of hung around. Just before going out to lunch, we stopped by the playground and the kids had a good time. In the afternoon, Ash and I transferred beer so we could give kegs back to places after the party and then we went to Costco. We were looking for a deal on a tablet for Isaac but they weren’t running any. That afternoon, my plan was to sit in the sun and drink beer. And that’s what I did. Ell ended up going to a friend’s house for a bit and Ash delivered some beer to people and we just hung out. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Sunday was more hanging out. I got up first (shock) and got bagels. It looked like rain all morning but it wasn’t rainy at all. I started on laundry and then I resigned myself to a run, even though it was the very last thing I wanted to do. Turned out to be a very good run! Around noon, I started making the turkey. The plan was to make a nice Thanksgiving-like meal. My parents were on their way home from a week long Florida excursion and had plans to come through right about when the meal would be done. And by some miracle, that actually happened. Food sat out of the oven for all of five minutes before they arrived. So we had a very nice meal and then I finished up around the house but then the kids sort of lost their cool. We took away screens for the majority of the week – not because they did anything wrong but because we felt like it would be good for them to find other things to do. They spent most of the day figuring it out but started to lose it after dinner. Elliot and I really had it out but then we were much better after!


OK so this week’s theme is about songs where an instrument moved you. The first  song that came to mind was Pat Metheny’s Last Train Home. I really love the (uncredited) Coral electric sitar. It’s such a calming sound.

I have shared this before but this New Zealand band utilizes a didgeridoo and I think it’s a really cool addition to the music.

And now, the newest Rammstein. They have always been known for their synth usage in rock/metal songs; this one is no different.

5 thoughts on “MMMM + Goal accomplished

  1. I’ve never heard Last Train home… kinda a cool song! Thanks for the introduction; it’s really different. Now your next song I know I’ve never heard because it’s just not my style…. sorry! It’s really different.. I’ll ask the hubby if he has. Anyway, your last video is really out there and I stopped watching when I saw the guy cutting off a head…man I hope I don’t have nightmares tonight. I saw that with the muslims and I cried all day and had nightmares for a month or so. I just try not to think about it anymore. Especially when it’s real. So sad and now they’re claiming they did it. BUMMER! THE WORLD IS GOING TO HELL IN A BUSHEL BASKET or however you say it. This is very depressing plus I just found out someone stole my security number…. aughhhhhhhhhh I gotta go fix that… sorry! Great job though! hugs

  2. I think the first song was vaguely familiar (and nice). Like a Storm – I generally don’t like the “screaming” genre of hard rock (whatever the official name is) but I have always been strangely drawn to this song. Rammstein – my husband likes them; I’ve heard some of their music on Octane. This song seemed a bit different (these people could make a sappy love song sound like a martial anthem) towards the end when the piano solo kicked in – it was so beautiful.

  3. Mmm, I always love metal and I love the new song by Rammstein. But, my favorite is the New Zealand band’s song. It is kind cool!

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