Random Tuesday – I’m blah today; I’m sorry

Stacy Uncorked


  • Monday was very relaxing at work because my tyrannical office manager was out!  It’s crazy because we were just saying how no, we don’t want something awful to happen but maybe her having to be out with a sick kid might put things into perspective. And somehow, that is what happened!
  • For my son’s birthday yesterday, we got him a Ripstick and his first reaction was, “I hate it. I’m not good at it.” I should have reacted differently to that but I was upset and hurt. So I went back inside and pouted. I really wasn’t proud of my response but neither was he. In the end, he threw on his helmet and tried again and again and again until he got the hang of it and was really happy with the toy after all.
  • We then went to Outback and had a really great meal and time together. I kind of thought it would suck since he was in a bad mood but it really turned around.
  • I wish today was starting off that way but it hasn’t. I don’t know what it is about Tuesdays but even when I say they’re going to be good, something inevitably goes wrong. You’d also think it was a full moon the way neither myself nor my daughter is sleeping well. I couldn’t sleep Sunday evening and she kept waking up last night. I could barely drag myself from bed today.
  • This time of year always makes me want to take a vacation. But I don’t know if even that would make me happy. I am just really in need of a get-away where I can truly relax. The problem is you always have to come back to reality.
  • I really think my dismay with things grows from my desire to find a new job. I have applied to quite a few over the last week and fingers crossed I get some interviews. I know starting a new job is stressful but it can’t be worse than staying here.
  • I just need to bide my time. That’s all; smile and just work.

2 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – I’m blah today; I’m sorry

  1. Reading about your son and the Ripstick made me think of my grandsons Blain & Leo, Blain would give up say it was too hard and sulk, Leo would keep at it till he got the hang of it.

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