Wednesday Medley – Flawrs, Springy, birthday

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1.  The first spring flowers are usually daffodils, dandelions, lilies, tulips, iris. and lilacs. Which one of those choices is your favorite?  Have you seen any yet?

In Florida, plants always think it is Spring a bit early. I can never remember what these are called but this thing bloomed weeks ago!


I’m personally fond of tulips but don’t see them around here very much.

2.  What is your least favorite thing about spring?

I’m guessing most people here will say allergies and/or the ridiculous rain, depending on where you live. My allergies always flare up around this time and it’s partly my fault: I go out and do weeding and mowing and then come inside and die.

3.  Okay, what puts a spring in your step?

Finding new music/bands to get into. I just love the feeling of finding that one song then knowing there’s an entire library of similar stuff to delve into. To me, it’s the best feeling in the world.

4.  What is your favorite springtime song?

After looking at a list, I think Jimmy Cliff’s “I can see clearly now” would be my favorite. Also, this is an awesome Cool Runnings video. I loved that movie!

5.  What really says spring to you?

That first day that’s bright, sunny, cool but warm in the sun. The first time you can sit outside and it’s perfectly comfortable. There’s a clean smell in the air and things feel light and airy. THAT is the perfect spring day.

6.  Tell us something random about your week.

Well, it’s been a pretty good week. As mentioned in previous posts, I am eating better, working out more, and feeling thinner. I have not weighed myself because I think that leads to a mindset of expecting immediate results. The key is to make the changes and stick to them. They will pay off in the end.

Ash put us on his work team for the Springtime 5k so I can do no less than 3 miles on any of my training runs from now until the 30th. I don’t want to let them down. Yesterday I did my 3 miles in exactly 30 minutes; I hope I feel that good on race day!

Planning for my 40th birthday party is coming down to it now – April 6th, though my actual b-day is the 27th. Oof, that’s one week from now, y’all. I am excited about my party but also nervous because, well, as an INTJ I get anxious about such things. but it should be fun! After all, age is just a number.

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