Wednesday Medley: Pet post


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1.  Have you ever had a special pet in your life?

For sure! I had 3 dogs of my own, from 2004 until recently, but the one that always held my heart was the dog I got when I was 13/14. He was the best Beagle ever.


And here are my Bostons I had once I’d moved out and had my own life:


2.  Did you grow up with pets in your home?  What did it teach you?

Since we got Barney when I was 13, we didn’t really have pets before. I had a hermit crab for a short time and the same with a turtle. So I learned about the arduous task of the everyday care once I got to be a teen.

3.  Do you ever wonder what animals are thinking?

I assume it is a very basic version of the things we think day to day about basic needs.

4.  Sometimes a pet gets out and doesn’t return for a few days. What do you think happens to them when they go on a walkabout?

Hmm, hopefully they don’t get hit by cars! But I often think about how cats prowl about whenever they want. I think it would kind of be cool to have that confidence. I assume they’re on great exploring adventures.

5.  With cats and dogs being the most popular pets, what is the most exotic pet you have personal experience with (didn’t have to be yours)?

When we moved in 1994, my sister got an iguana. As with most of her responsibilities, she abandoned it and I ended up taking care of it. It was mean; always lunged at my hand when I fed it or cleaned its tank. I hated that thing.

6.  Please tell us something random about your week so far…

Oh Lordy, it’s only Wednesday and it has been A WEEK. My mom got into town Sunday while my husband and I were at the girl scout cookie booth, which was somehow entirely exhausting. We had steak and potatoes and then just hung out. The next day, my mom and I dropped the kids off then drove to Orlando, met my sister and her boyfriend for lunch, then she went with us to Tampa. Lots of traffic so a long drive that is not normally that long. We got to our hotel and only had a bit of time to relax before heading towards the arena. Most places near there were packed but we ended u[ at Ferg’s Live, in their outdoor area where they have drinks and quick service food. Worked out pretty well; once our food was ready, two people vacated a table.

Soon after we went into the arena, got drinks, then found our seats. Fleetwood Mac were amazing! Though I’d dare say some songs didn’t sound as good expected, most did. In fact, Stevie Nicks sounded very good for her age and Landslide was identical to the album version(s). Made me sad they didn’t sing more slow songs. Either way, bucket list item – checked!

Got back home around 3:30 yesterday after much driving. I have reached my social quota for the month. I want to lock myself in a room with my music and a book and don’t want to talk to anyone!

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Medley: Pet post

  1. Thank you for joining the Medley today!! It really has been fun for me to read about everyone’s pets! Those Bostons are adorable!! You drove right past Lakeland, going from Orlando to Tampa and back!! Stop in sometime!!

    1. Yes, we did drive through there. My sister worked at a Yankee Candle there once for about 8 months and I cannot believe she made the drive from Sanford all the way there!

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