MMMM + In some kinda mood, the smell that never ends, and GO PATS!

I’m not in a bad mood, just a MOOD. I can’t necessarily describe it but then again, it is Monday and my second cup of coffee is untouched in front of me. I didn’t even hear the alarm go off this morning then I woke up 4 minutes past when I normally shuffle into the bathroom after my husband and get in the shower. I slept ridiculously well last night, which is rare. I only took a brief (I mean, three minutes) nap on the couch yesterday so that may explain it.

Friday, I was DYING to leave work. As mentioned, I was told I cannot continually take 4 hours off every other Friday. I was told I should “take vacation in the summer, for a week at a time.” How about I take time when I want? That is what I earned, is it not? Sigh. Anyway, I suffered through a staff lunch then got back to my work. When it was time to go, I didn’t look back!

I was originally going to a thing at a friend’s house, some kind of “Galentine’s” jewelry making shindig, but I bailed. A. I hate that bastardization of the name Valentines day, a holiday I already don’t care for and B. I was already at my social limit for the week. Being an Aries/INTJ means I get real tired of people real fast. Besides, Elliot had a friend spending the night so I didn’t want to leave anyway. That was fine; his friend is pretty quiet. I want to say we watched a movie that evening but heck if I can remember. At any given moment, my brain is so full.

Saturday, I woke around 6:30 and after a quick cup of coffee, went up to the bagel place. Isaac had a 9 am game so I came back, ate, then took him up there. Ash had to go to our friend’s dad’s funeral so that overlapped. After game one, I came home and picked up Elliot and his friend and went to Ell’s game. After that, we had a late lunch out and that afternoon, I took about an hour nap then went to the store. Ash went over to a friend’s house and I stayed home, drank some beer, and watched my Avatar boys. You’ll get a vid below because I love you all and think you need this in your life.

On Sunday, after big breakfast, I started cleaning. And I didn’t stop cleaning until noon. So almost four straight hours! See, I recently discovered a weird smell right near my pantry.  But not IN the pantry. Sort of hanging in the air. I took everything out, smelled every shelf and crevice and even that actual floor but it does not exist ON a surface. It sort of smells like animal but maybe a dead one? It’s not near as pungent but I was convinced! When we had a pest control guy come out for an estimate, he said there was a pile of acorns in the crawl space. Ash put some chicken wire up over a hole that a squirrel could get into and I was sure we’d trapped a little buddy in there. So I got on my crap clothes and climbed under… except I found nothing. And smelled nothing! Finally, as my brain started to deteriorate – honestly, it is driving me insane! – I narrowed it down to a space under the stairs that houses two large ducts for the A/C. There’s also a metal grate between one of the walls into the pantry. So I smell it there but I could not find a creature or any true source of the smell. One duct is sealed and the other is a hole going down to the unit in the crawl space. I crammed my body in there and took a whiff – nothing there! SO WHAT THE EVER-LOVING HELL IS THE SMELL?!? Sorry but it truly is eating my brain.

The sick thing is that my family smells it but barely. They say it isn’t even bad. But to me, I HAVE to eliminate it. I put some baking soda with a couple drops of lemon essential oil in there and even this little satchel of odor-removing charcoal but STILL it remains. Wish me luck y’all, for my sanity depends on it.

I for one am happy with the Superbowl outcome, though it was a semi-boring defensive game. I like dynasties and I do not dislike the Patriots. In fact, I like them even more since everyone seems to hate them. Don’t be a hater. Don’t waste so much energy hating people you don’t even know. That’s stupid.


Today, I am out of sorts but have a lot of work to do. In the category for MMMM, I could only come up with one song, having to do with mail (sort of; it has the word ‘letter’) but here’s a song by the Get Up Kids, an early 2000s emo band. Such good stuff.

And now, my guitar boys from Avatar showing you how to play. I love how they utilize the whammy bar so much. No, it fits none of the theme’s requirements but I don’t care. 🙂

8 thoughts on “MMMM + In some kinda mood, the smell that never ends, and GO PATS!

  1. Claire,

    I hate it when you can’t find those annoying odors in the home. I remember years ago we had a situation like that, except I found the source. It was a dead mouse behind our washer. I’m not sure what it died from but there it laid all smelly. That was a difficult job getting that thing out from its spot, too. I hope that never happens again. I hope you find the source of your unpleasant smell soon. Thanks for sharing the dance floor with the 4M crew today, my dear. Have a boogietastic week! 😉

  2. Girl, you must tell me what the odor was when you find it. Now I’m dying to find out. I hate when that happens, but I can remember when we rented a house years ago and there was an odor in the home and I found out about a month after we moved in that the old owner died in the home. I asked a few friends and my friend’s mom told me to take a small barbecue & burn some coals in the basement for a while & the smell should go away. Sorry that’s all I have for ya. Hope it helps. Thanks for playin’ along girlfriend. Great tunes!

  3. I’m right there with you when the source of a smell can’t be pinpointed. It does sound like maybe you have a dead critter inside the wall – unfortunately, there’s no removing it, but trust me, the smell will eventually go away after the corpse dries out. I speak from experience, LOL! 🙂 But man oh man, until that day comes, the smell will drive you batty!!!

    Great song choices! Thanks for the introduction! 🙂

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