Random Tuesday – Work work, old shows, new bands, define me, brain fog

Stacy Uncorked


  • I feel oooold today. My back aches, my arms are sore. Oh yeah, we did work this weekend: weeding, deck cleaning, we stained the Adirondack double chair, we ran the pool robot and skimmed and I washed floors and cleaned bathrooms, and I also ran Saturday and Monday. Whew! Not patting my own back but y’all, I got stuff DONE.
  • My oldest son caught an episode of that Fuller House and though I thought it was trash, he liked it. We steered him back to regular Full House and now? He’s obsessed. I don’t condone binge watching anything, really, but I am letting him watch it whenever he has free time because I love seeing him actually care about something other than Fortnite! (OK, I am selling him short; this kid puts a lot of effort into school and soccer too.) I want to see him passionate about something, that’s all. And it could be worse; at least that’s pretty wholesome.
  • So, I should have done Music Monday yesterday but I kind of, well, forgot entirely. I discovered yet another new band. Ok, new to me.  They’ve been around a while but where was I? I dunno; busy doing family and work crap I guess. So yeah, Avatar came out BEFORE the movie –  in Sweden – so no talk of them stealing anything from James Cameron… who stole the story of Pocahontas and made it aliens. But I digress. They’re AMAZING. They are complex and creative. Johannes’ delivery is screamy at times and growling, yet melodic too. They have a concept album that is pretty damn complete; hard to do, actually, with concepts. I love them and like anything new I discover, can’t wait to delve into it more and learn the lyrics. Yes, they look weird but hey, it’s metal.0fe3a0f2d6737484e11722c374b023eb
  • I have recently gotten back into bullet journaling. I can’t say I’m super good at say, meal planning, or other organizational things but I have so far started a page with keeping track of every day this year in pixels: boxes indicating what kind of day it was (great, crappy, tiring, etc). I have also made one for tracking my work-outs/runs, and for monthly playlists. Because it should be fun, right?
  • Pinterest is a place where I often run into little pics of things that relate to my “type” of person. I’m an Aries AND an INTJ so I’m a special brand of weird. But so many of them define me to a T.
  • Last week I managed to get quite a bit of work done – good work too. I am actually ahead of where I need to be in the office. But today (a Monday on a Tuesday, technically) I am just all blurry. My brain hasn’t really started functioning in work mode yet. And I have had coffee so that’s sort of disconcerting, you know?
  • Just for fun, I am sharing an Avatar song. Expect one next Monday probably too!

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