Random Tuesday – Rough week, wading through January, trying not to stress

Stacy Uncorked


  • They are swearing in our new governor today and though I left early, as I neared downtown, they were JUST putting out barriers. I was literally 5 seconds too late.
  • One of the downfalls of living in the capital city, but hey, no worries. Also, don’t think my wearing a red shirt today was coincidence. πŸ˜‰
  • I have to work the old hours (8-5) this week because it’s week one and let me tell you: leaving college in the middle of town at that time is THE SUCK. I am not happy but also, remind myself it’s only until next week and I can go back to leaving at 4:30.
  • You ever notice how something becomes more classy if you call it a society instead of a club? Now I hate it. LOL. Someone started a film group and dubbed it “The Film Society”. Ugh, stop trying to be cool.
  • I just bought a patch and a shirt from a defunct band. It’s the Ghost lead singer’s old death metal band and man, you think people don’t recognize Ghost shirts, wait until I buy a Repugnant shirt. It’s lonely liking bands no one else does.
  • Today is by far my longest day: leave at 5, get home by 5:30 and don’t leave car. Acquire oldest and drive him to soccer. Go to grocery store, go home and make dinner. Sit for roughly 40 minutes, go back and get middle from soccer. THEN, I can do dishes, put kids to bed, and maybe do something for myself, though I’ll probably be too tired to even think and will pass out.
  • I’m getting to that point where I need to make a long list and start checking things off because I’m overwhelmed.
  • So, here’s some funny things from an Insta I follow. Some of the funniest accounts are other parents.choreplay


2 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Rough week, wading through January, trying not to stress

  1. UGH! Having to drive during the main traffic times is not my favorite thing! Especially when you miss the barricades by 5 seconds to make it even worse! And I’ve had those LONG days before – they are so not my favorite! I am right there with you on needing to make a list and check things off – so much going on all at once, I’ve joined you in the ‘overwhelmed’ mode. πŸ™‚ LOVE the funnies! πŸ™‚

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