MMMM + New Normal

Spring semester begins today so I have to shift my brain back into regular work mode. Especially once tomorrow comes because the kids go back to their normal schedules too. They’re at a camp today for the teacher work day.

Weekend was good. Friday evening, Ash took us out for pizza (and beer). “Going for pizza” is code for us for “drink some beer”. 😉 Saturday, both boys had soccer games so I got out early for bagels then the grocery store and then we went to the fields. Isaac scored six goals against a garbage team but hey, good first game! Elliot played on a turf field and it was shorter so that game was weird. Hopefully going forward the other grass fields won’t be so water-logged and it can be normal.

Ash had friends over to play cards in the afternoon and in the evening, the boys and I went to a wrestling house show. Sadly, I didn’t get to touch any of my faves at the end, as we normally do. But it was good fun all in all.

Sunday, I got motivated to clean the kids’ rooms. Yes, they can do a good bit of that themselves but this was hardcore clean-out style. But we did it and their rooms looks great! The rest of the day was spent doing laundry; so many clothes! Oh, and someone (Koda, I’m looking at you, child) left red crayons in a pocket so I had to fix that entire load. UGH. I was exceedingly angry about that but managed to calm myself down and finish the day. And I got myself sushi for dinner, which just about made up for the rest.




OK so today, we do one Elvis song and then one from the same era. I can do this!

Though early Elvis is fun, I always liked this one:

and one from the same year:

7 thoughts on “MMMM + New Normal

  1. It was nice to see someone else likes Wrestling as my son lives breathes and sleeps Wrestling. As for a red crayon I have been there as well. The joys of a mom. I love the Elvis song as well and can’t wait to listen to the second song you shared with us. Have a wonderful week.

  2. Claire,

    A crayon in the wash? Tell me you didn’t put it into the dryer! I remember doing that once when ours were small and it was a lesson that taught me to double everything that went into the wash after that one incident. Excellent song choices!

  3. I haven’t had pizza and beer (together) in a very long time! Might have to change that… 😉 UGH! Red crayon in the laundry – so not fun. Been there, done that. GREAT song choices! Thanks for the dance! 🙂

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