Just a Friday post

There’s a massive storm system moving northeast and it will pass over us AND the road we take to get to my parents’ house, which we’re going to later today. Annoying. This has been the wettest freaking winter, I swear it. But that’s out of my control so whatever.

We’re in that weird in-between time – Christmas to New Years – and I am trying to pull myself out of the funk that is NO ROUTINE. The last two days, we couldn’t get Fortnite to work for the boys (various reasons) so they had to find other things to do and that was ok. In fact, I was secretly happy about it. I took them out with me yesterday to the Chiropractor and then to Chik-Fil-A. We swapped cars with Ash so I could buy Elliot’s mattress and box spring, since he got the bed frame for Xmas. We got the mattress in but the box wouldn’t fit even in the Pilot! I ended up having to buy paracord and strapping it to the roof of the car. And let me tell you, Goodwill isn’t allowed to help you so there I was, an almost 40 year old five foot one woman, strapping a big ass box spring to the roof of an SUV IN THE RAIN. Yup, I did that. But it worked out!

I was scared as shit that it would slide right off when we left the steep parking lot but no, we made it just fine. I let the kids play games after we’d gotten it all settled and then I had a beer and a nap! Later in the evening, I met up with a couple friends for sushi and wine, so that was nice. We hadn’t seen each other in a couple months, but we mused that we have that kind of friendship. We can just pick right back up. I’ve known them for about 12 years and we’re always just there, you know?

It’s already 9:15 and I can tell this day is going to get away from me and quickly. I have to clean and pack up and do some other basic stuff and I really just need to get organized. I felt pretty accomplished yesterday but that needs to continue.

I don’t WANT to go back to work but at the same time, I guess I am ready to. You know those posts or pins with words that describe things you struggle to describe? I bet there’s a word for this in between time and feeling of being out of your normal comfort zone. I just don’t know it.

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