Random Tuesday – That weird time when time doesn’t exist as you know it – AKA Christmas break and New Year’s

Stacy Uncorked


  • WELL, welcome to 2019. I am such a stick in the mud when it comes to New Years. It’s just another day! Yes, new opportunities, another day to make headway blah blah but you can do that any old time, you know?
  • I also don’t  make  resolutions, as previously noted, so what’s the point? Also, are things open today? Stop using every minor holiday as a reason not to work.
  • Today is my last day off and it feels like it’s been an eternity since the 21st at 1:30 when I high-tailed it off-campus, never looking back. I was so ready for that break and I think I made the most of it for sure. I did a fair amount of stuff around the house balanced with a good bit of relaxing, which I definitely needed. I hope I have a surplus now heading into what is, for me, a very busy time of year. With the semester starting and then kids back to school and soccer games, I’ll be super rushed all the time.
  • It started off grey today so I got laundry going and cleaning but now it’s sunny BUT it’s also warm. Like, 79. What gives, January? This time last year it was literally snowing. Our first snow day in many years here.
  • My middle boy has a friend coming over at 1 so I have to go and get most of my crap done because I’ll mostly be running interference once the house gets more crowded. Only bonus is that hopefully my oldest will go play next door during that time. Love having the bigger house but I still get annoyed with kids over!

2 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – That weird time when time doesn’t exist as you know it – AKA Christmas break and New Year’s

  1. Happy New Year! I agree about every minor holiday being a day off work. It’s really an artificial starting point, really no different from the first of any other month, so why treat it any differently? Of course, I’m retired now, so what do I care, right?

  2. Glad you have had a good break and holiday!! Happy new year to you, even if it is ‘just another day’! 🙂

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