Wednesday Medley + Christmas recap

I’m sitting at my kitchen table, looking out on a beautiful day. I don’t have to be back to work until next Wednesday and all is right with the world. So, want the run-down of the break so far? ::cracks knuckles:: OK, going in.

Friday – worked only a half day! It was quite the surprise when my office manager – yes, the one who’s been a hardass for months now – told us we’d be leaving around one. Basically, our college told her that they “wouldn’t be calling over for any reason” – wink wink. So we hung out some, I worked on the Fall schedule, and then we all departed around 1:30.  I went home and then did a wee bit of shopping.  Ash had a couple friends over to play cards and then Aunt Debbie came by with gifts for the kids. She’s actually Elliot’s godmother but every year she comes by. Once everyone left, we went out to Cracker Barrel.

Saturday and Sunday – very productive! Ash got a lot of things done around the house and some errands and I did as well. Since we went out for dinner Friday, we didn’t do our normal Sonny’s meal and that allowed me to work more continuously. The kids played with the neighbors and we cleaned. I can’t remember all the little trips we made but I know I went to the store every day to make sure I was all ready for Christmas meals.

Monday – Same. Just general preparation. I was at the same time a little stressed about pulling off Xmas and the meals but also, enjoying my downtime. When not running around like crazy, I sat in my chair. That night, Ash and I prepped the tree and I wrapped the biggest boxes I have ever tackled. Elliot got a bed frame in multiple large boxes. But props to the huge ass roll of Target wrapping paper that I never even ran out of even after all that!

Tuesday –  Christmas! We told the kids not to get up before 7 but we were pretty awake by 6:30. Gifts were amazing but spending the time together seemed nicer than normal. If you have or have had children then you know how sometimes they can ruin a moment with fighting and things but no, they were very good and appreciative this year. Soon as we finished unwrapping, we had pancakes, eggs, and bacon and basically, soon as that was done ad they were off to explore all the new goodies, I started prepping the turkey. Ended up eating around 2:30 and boy did we eat. Everything I made turned out better than normal so I ate WAAAY too much. I immediately took a nap after cleaning up and still didn’t feel great. But that’s ok; it’s vacation, right? In the evening, we watched the ultimate Christmas movie – Die Hard – and that wrapped up the festivities.

Ash went back to work today but the kids and I are still home. I’m spending time grading papers and cleaning up, watching even more leave fall on my yard and pool cover.


YFFF Wednesday Medley Logo

1.  Are there candy canes left in your house right now?  Yes, a few.  Did you hang some on your tree? Do you even like them?

Yes, we have some original ones and some cookies and cream ones that Ash ended up liking but the kids, not so much. No, we did not hang them from the tree. I like the rainbow stripey ones because they have more of a cherry flavor.

2.  Without a graphic, today is also National Thank You Note Day!  I like receiving that thank you note in the mail for a gift I have given.  Are you good about getting thank you notes in the mail after Christmas (or any occasion calling for a note)?

I used to be very good about it. I make my kids write them to family members though.

3.  How are you feeling on this day after Christmas?  Tired, let down, still glowing?  I have felt all of those at one time or another and sometimes all of them at once! Tell us about it.

I am feeling pretty good. But I think one reason is that I didn’t get deep into the Christmas spirit. Not that I was a humbug but I didn’t do the things I usually do like wrap while listening to Christmas music or sit and reminisce while listening to Christmas music. Both things usually put me in a wistful yet melancholy state. I was too distracted by other things this year (namely, other kinds of music I just discovered – and if you know me, I get hardcore into something, maybe a little obsessive even). So yeah, I am glad to be on my little vacation above all else.

4  It is “tradition” to leave the tree and decorations up until after January 6th, to honor the Epiphany. When will your boxes be packed and put away until next year? Are you, like me, thinking about doing it right now?

I was thinking about this last night; I usually do leave it for a bit but I have time now. I will probably put things away over the next 3 days while we are here and hanging out. I love the tree but like my rooms back to normal too.

5. Looking ahead to New Year’s Eve, do you have plans? Have you ever celebrated big in New York’s Time Square?  Would you even want to be there?

No, not this year. I know we’ll let the kids stay up. I would in no way, shape or form want to be in NY. A large crowd is called a “no thanks!”

6. Tell us something random about your week so far!

Well, you saw my week recap above so that’s what we’re up to. Me, I’m entrenching myself in paper grading and Eureka Machines, as well as Dimmu Borgir, Avatar, and Chris Catalyst’s solo music.  I can’t believe that there still is good stuff out there that I don’t know about.  I hate pop music (for the most part) and it makes me feel like everything out there is crap but it’s not true. Gems exist.

Good Lord their lead singer is pretty!

3 thoughts on “Wednesday Medley + Christmas recap

  1. A half work day always feels good, sounds like your run up to Christmas was great, I was up at 6.30am on Christmas morning as Tim had to leave for work at 7am. I had a bad start to the day but it improved, although at midnight my daughter was woken up by a neighbour with bad news, the mother of a good friend had died, she was very close to the woman and has done a lot of crying

  2. Thanks for joining the Medley today! I enjoyed your answers and am glad you experienced a good Christmas, if not as involved as usual. Sometimes that makes it better!! On to NYE!

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