Random Tuesday – Recent viewing and reading, Cold has come again, complaints

Stacy Uncorked


  • It POURED rain Sunday night and hence, it is now COLD. I hope my fireplace screen gets here soon so we can build a fire. I am so excited we have one now. Of course, I also need to buy wood. And some kinda rug for on the floor out there, just in case. Sadly, the fire resistant ones are expensive! I am totally going to just put some cheapo thing out there and hope for the best.
  • I wanted to share with you some stuff we’ve watched lately. For one, Future Man, a Hulu show. It got off to a rocky start – it was really dumb. But as the episodes got further into a time travel story line, it was actually really good. Sometimes crude and ridiculous but also quite amusing. Mostly once the characters gained some depth. I love Tiger and Wolf; they’re too good. And Wolf’s story gets super funny once he travels back to the 80s.
  • tumblr_oztyzlbDPS1qgggmxo4_400
  • The other thing we watched was the Christmas Chronicles movie with Kurt Russell. A solid holiday movie with the exception of one silly part. Still very much enjoyed the concept. Trying to branch out from the ones we always watch like Home Alone and Elf.
  • In terms of reading, I started onΒ Consumed by J.R. Ward, one of my favorite authors. So far, it’s a bit bleak but I think it’ll pick up soon and I do like it so far. It’s about firefighters… and of course it is a romance too.
  • So Isaac left his watch on the bus yesterday. I called multiple times and then the bus driver and assistant finally answered and explained. Wow. I just have no idea how else I am going to keep track of him. Super irritating.
  • I am actually in a little bit of shock that it isn’t actually December yet. Maybe because I shopped so early, I feel like it must obviously be closer to the 25th. But no. We have time.
  • Soccer starts tonight you guys and I always forget between the start of March and and the end of November why I dislike this season: it’s effing cold! The kids are running around during practice but if I stay, I am freezing. And if there’s one thing I hate, it’s being cold. I kid you not. On my top 5 most hated things list.
  • OK, that’s all the random I can muster and I have some actual, you know,Β work to do now.

3 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Recent viewing and reading, Cold has come again, complaints

  1. It got cold here after a rainy spell, too – it’s sunny this week, but damn cold. I had to giggle a little over you lamenting about the cold – you sound just like my hubby! πŸ˜‰

    Princess Nagger and I watch Future Man, too!! I agree with everything you said about it. The second season shows up on January 11th, in case you were wondering. Not that we’re counting down the days or anything. πŸ˜‰

    I watched the Kurt Russell Christmas movie, too – loved it! A nice change from the ‘usual’ ones. Plus I love Kurt. πŸ˜‰

    Hope your weather warms up sooner rather than later – I mean, you are in Florida, right? You’re not supposed to be cold there! πŸ™‚

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