Random (rainy) Tuesday – rain, cold, not Xmas yet, and blah

Stacy Uncorked


  • It’s actually not raining now but it will most of the day then turn cold, which is how it works here. I am still coughing up a lung every so often and a little rattly in my chest but I had to go to work; so behind!
  • Can you believe we are as far into November as we are? It’s shocking. Last night, we put the blanket on: pool is officially closed until next year! Today at 5, I have a guy coming to check out the chimney and make sure it is ok for building fires. We are getting ourselves all ready for the winter season and this house proves to be very different. We will be moving the fallen logs we got from the tree that went down during the hurricane to the little covered area where the pool blanket lived. It probably won’t be ready for this season and I will end up buying some but at least we can prep it.
  • And all at the same time, we are starting to buy Xmas presents. Actually, I already made one purchase. It’s nice to get ahead but as usual, I am stressing about holiday money. It always happens! Kids aren’t getting a ton this year; they got a trip to Mexico!
  • I’m very much a “wait for Christmas” type person – keeping Thanksgiving in tact. But XM already started their channels! I have been intermittently listening, because I do love the music. But my brain is still thinking about pumpkins and gourds and those beautiful fall colors.
  • The weirdest part of this sickness is how hungry I have been. I’m just staring! The sad thing is that for the most part, I can’t smell or taste anything. Aww, sad panda.
  • I have to buy a new fake Christmas tree and I can’t decide how much I want to spend. I have higher ceilings now so maybe a seven footer? If anyone has one they really like, suggestions would be great!

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