MMMM + Not quite here, mentally, but blogging

Yeah, REALLY don’t want to be here. First off, it’s cold. Well, for Florida. It’s 50. I dressed appropriately but still. It was gorgeous yesterday and I opened everything up and let my house breathe. We got a lot done, actually, and I feel as if maybe the cooler weather gave us the impetus. We were able to chainsaw the tree that had fallen during the storm and get most of it to the street. Kept some decent size logs for firewood too. The temps kept up so I got so much done around the house and even ran errands. I’m just glad it finally feels like October… in October!

Yesterday, a friend of mine – whose son was in VPK with Dakota – asked if we wanted to hit up the playground. So that was a nice hour and a half I spent outside socializing. LOL. Sometimes I forget about keeping up with friends.

We watched what had to be the cheesiest 80s movie last night. It’s called “Never Too young to Die”, which is not really a fitting name. SO, John Stamos is a college kid whose dad is supposed to come watch his gymnastics competition but doesn’t show. You find out his dad (George Lazenby!) is some kind of agent and that is why he was not present for his son. Without giving too much away, the main bad guys are this rag tag bunch of heathens who looks straight out of a Mad Max movie, headed up by a supposed hermaphrodite who was played by none other than Gene Simmons. Going into the movie I had no idea he was in it but his voice was unmistakable.  The movie was totally crazy but entertaining nonetheless. LOL. I’d recommend it for a good retro laugh.


OK, as odd instruments go, this one is pretty funky. A band saw? Go for it guys.

6 thoughts on “MMMM + Not quite here, mentally, but blogging

  1. The musical saw is a lot harder to play than you’d imagine. Great song!

    We had frost advisories up in North Georgia, and I think we have one for tonight, too. Two weeks ago it was summer…

  2. Claire,

    It’s feeling like fall here. The last couple of nights were in the mid-30s and we’re not expected to move out of these night time lows for a few more evenings. We had to add an extra blanket to the bed. It’s kinda nice but I know I’ll be complaining about the cold before too long. lol

    A band saw…now that’s a good choice. Thanks for the introduction to a new group & song. Have a boogietastic week!

  3. Wow, that’s a really good song. I have never heard of Frontier Ruckus but I’d like to check out more of their music. Thanks for introducing me to them.

    We’re getting cooler weather here in Texas too…and it is soooo welcome! Don’t you get sick of the heat in Florida? It just seems like the summer goes on forrrever here. We had a serious temperature drop, like from 85 one day to 45 the next! I love it. And my dogs love it too. There is a very noticeable change in their demeanor and outdoor activity. Even my old guy Picasso (age 11), who rarely runs these days, has been zooming around the yard, doing laps with his younger “brother” Luca. And the thrill on his face is so clear and obvious. He’s a greyhound, he was born to run after all. But running in 100 degree heat just isn’t fun. Take it down 50 degrees and it’s suddenly heaven for my boy. I love watching him run…
    Anyway, I’m beyond ecstatic that the cooler weather is here. I did the same thing you did: opened up the house, opening windows that haven’t been opened since since last winter, to let some fresh air in. I hope it lasts…

    And hey, thanks for your visit over at my place. I really appreciate it.

    Michele at Angels Bark

    1. Yes! I do love the temp drop and honestly, I don’t get too tired of these heat BUT I have always lived in some region of Florida so maybe I am just used to it.

  4. A new group to me, and an interesting song. So happy! We aren’t even having much in the way of fall foliage here – we all wish we could have a true fall here in upstate New York, with the color we know and love. We’ve had some snow showers but at least they took snow out of the forecast for tomorrow. I would love sunshine and the 50’s.

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