Vignettes – mid-October

I feel like I have been so hungry the last few days, except my stomach also hurts. During the Storm Days™ I barely ate. I think I ate one minimal snack and one major meal each day. Mostly this was due to just being busy and not thinking about food. We have way too may other things to think about. Just now starting to feel right and like my old self.


We realized last night that the first half of this month was so crazy with the end of cross country, the start of flag football, Girl Scouts, and then the hurricane, that we didn’t even think about Halloween yet – at least, not more than in passing. Usually, we dress up as a themed family. This year? Don’t think so. I feel like Dakota really wants to wear the Snow White dress we found at Goodwill and the boys just want to be Fortnite characters. So be it! Ash will take them around our neighborhood with a friend and I’ll stay home to hand out candy. Hell, I may even just sit on the porch and drink a beer!


I told my office manager we didn’t need to meet Wednesday and she agreed – thankfully! Like I said Monday or yesterday, whenever, the storm break really helped us all to relax some from the tensions that came up over office rules and stuff. At least, it feels like it. I feel like some weight has been lifted. Though I am sticking to the rules they laid out. In some ways, it is good to take a break for lunch. I was just working straight on through while taking mental breaks throughout the day. But if they’re going to come check to make sure I am staying until 5, then I am now closing my door for one hour for lunch. I watch youtube and podcasts and it’s a nice break.


Wednesday night, I couldn’t find Dakota’s good manners patch she earned from Girl Scouts. You know when you recently saw something then it goes missing? That stuff drives me crazy. Especially when you see things that you literally NEVER lose; crap that lives in a space forever that you actually should get rid of. Luckily, after scouring the sun room and checking all crevices – including the couch cushions – I did find it. Yay! It may not be have been ironed on before Thursday’s meeting but at least it exists!


Our Mexico trip is drawing ever closer and I have to admit: I’m a little nervous. We aren’t going to a tourist area. We are going to the heart of the Yucatan for a wedding. Now, our air bnb is pretty nice but the surroundings will certainly be eye-opening. I AM looking forward to the food, though worry my kids will panic when it doesn’t look like the Mexican we know. I have already scoped some breweries and hope we can find some cool places. Apparently there are some neat Mayan ruins nearby. Not sure that would interest my children but who knows; we might do it. They also have cool underground caves near the coast that I’d like to see. Just trying to wrap my brain around the entire trip really throws me for a loop.


This morning, on the way to work, I was making a right behind two other cars. One guy waited for a written invitation but finally went. The guy in front of me pulled up to go – no one was coming – then stopped. I pulled up just short when I looked back and he had still not gone. I’d been looking left to see when my opening would appear – still, no one coming the other direction – and was surprised to see he still had not pulled out. I am 98% certain we made zero contact. I heard my brakes groan as I stopped but no car touching. We were stopped! Anyway, he went and I did then I decided to make a left to go to Panera since I was actually quite early. As I was getting in the lane to turn, I noticed he’d slowed down and put on his emergencies. Was I supposed to go back? We didn’t have an accident so I was like, I’m going to work. Hopefully nothing will come of it. I can’t say I’m not worried it was some psycho who will track me down but again, we din’t make contact. And I was far behind him when I turned. I don’t know. I feel bad but at the time, I felt like since nothing happened, I went about my business. Sigh. I hate crap like that. I’m nervous but mostly because I have this nagging feeling that everyone is awful and will cry wolf when nothing really happened. At the same time, if I were in that position and noticed no damage, I’d just move along. But every time I saw a car like that I might think, “was that the person?”

After talking to a friend about it and giving her the details, she eased my mind. Honestly, nothing happened so it is what it is now. I went to work because I was in that mindset; the cars did not touch as far as I can tell because there was no jolt. I was not accelerating. So yeah. I am going to move along and hope for the best!


Tomorrow, we have 9:30 flag games then around lunchtime we’re going to cut up the big branch still on our fence. I’m happy to get rid of it and hopefully some of the other sticks we left around the perimeter of our yard. After the bulk of cleanup was done, I was so burned out I couldn’t fathom doing the rest. Plus, this week has been so busy. Twice I have not sat down until 9 pm. Between getting home at about 5:20, having to clean up after my elderly dog, making dinner, running, and taking kids to events. I have been slammed. I like it though; sometimes when I have days like that, I don’t sleep in my chair and I end up just going to bed by 10 or 10:30 and waking up feeling better.



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