Random Tuesday – After the storm, distractions, need to recharge my brain

  • Today is really day one of “normal”, considering my husband got back into town last night. First the storm then him gone for a couple days and my life was in temporary upheaval. I’m trying to ease back into that life but I am finding it difficult. I woke up feeling all fuzzy and discombobulated.
  • I’m so incredibly overwhelmed by things we have have coming up, like wedding travels at month’s end, that I’m pulling my same old stunts: find a distraction and sink yourself into it. For now, it’s good old James Hetfield.tumblr_nqpzm7Szqp1spq12ao1_400
  • Like, wow.  Always had a soft spot for lead singers/guitarists but he’s just killing me with cuteness. I feel like one should always have a small distraction/guilty pleasure to keep them afloat in difficult times.
  • The Shield storyline is helping too. My boys are fighting right now but I know they’ll kiss and make up soon. tumblr_pgo70pnWjk1uta6xoo3_540
  • Or Dean will turn heel and it’ll be a long dark time of in-fighting but THEN it’ll be ok. Because Romie has always been ride or die for Dean. And Seth, well, he’s always been that third wheel. But they’re brothers and they’ll recover.
  • Yes, I am well aware of how soap opera-like wrestling is. No, I don’t care. I appreciate the drama that doesn’t have any actual impact on my life.
  • On that note, if you read a couple weeks ago when I was literally ready to up and quit my job, I realized today how awesomely timed this storm was. It was just the break I needed (and my bosses too) away from the stress of work. Some of that tightening up has loosened now and I certainly feel a lot better.
  • All the yard work has made me honest-to-God bone tired. I feel like I’m on a deficit of sleep that’s built up over days. It’s a combination of the physical work, the stress, and the lack of sleep, I think. How to recover? Not sure. I really need to get a pedicure. That would definitely help!
  • And one more funny thing:tumblr_pg0o23FPIp1xy2218o1_1280

4 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – After the storm, distractions, need to recharge my brain

  1. Glad things are getting more normal. I’m with you on the exhaustion.I’ve been taking care of everyone else but me since mid-September, and I need some down time. And that isn’t going to happen until January! Ha!

  2. James Hetfield sure is a cute distraction! 😉

    So glad things are getting back to ‘normal’ for you – and in spite of the extra stress of the hurricane, that you got a break! 😉

    LOVE that ‘small fiction’! Too cute! 🙂

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