Expulsion of random brain bits – Random Tuesday

I know that title sounds kind of gross but I have had so many random thoughts lately! And I present them to you now.

Stacy Uncorked


  • I love that I can track my kid via gps. I know it sounds a little stalker-ish but it’s a really neat feature. Not because I have to know where he is all the time but because I feel connected to him when I am not there.
  • Every night, as I attempt to get comfortable on my side with this cruddy little neck pillow between my knees, I think about how I should buy a real cushion for that. I’ve looked at them online so many times but I always forget by the next day. But today, I actually remembered!
  • I realized last night that I have a bottle of lavender essential oil in four places now; the places where we always use it. It’s probably the oil I use most often, more than most things. It cures all!
  • We moved into out home in late March. In that time, I have not had to buy any toilet paper because the previous owners left a bunch in the linen closet. Looking at how much is still in there, I may make it an entire year without buying any!
  • I watched an interview with Christina Hoff Summers, an equity feminist, and one thing she said cleared up a gnawing question I’ve had for a while. See, I am surrounded by people pursuing higher degrees so I often wonder how such smart people can be so dumb when it comes to political things and, well, common sense. One thing she said, as a product of academia herself, is that those folks are so intelligent that they actually talk themselves into believing the BS. It’s their flaw. And oh my god it makes so much sense. They spend all this time in the critical world that they just put on blinders – a result of the academia echo chamber anyway – and convince themselves of just one idea. She also pinpointed English departments as one of the problem areas on campus. I could have told you that!
  • I’m employing a different training regimen this time around. Instead of signing up for a race and working up to the mileage, I am simply upping my weekly long run (I was up to 5 this Sunday) and then once I am successfully doing 12-13, I will sign up for a race. This is helping my mental approach to the actual task because it’s just a lot less stressful.
  • I saw something on Saturday that actually sort of shocked me because, although you see crazy behaviour in the news, you don’t typically see it in person. We were walking through the Home Depot parking lot and a taller, thin, middle aged man – very unassuming- was coming towards us so I steered my children to the right. He then veered very right to give a very enthusiastic thumbs down to a woman driving by. And he kept getting in her way of driving. I then realized she had a “Re-elect Trump” sticker. And though he was in front, I can’t help but think he must have pinpointed that car in the lot before and planned this. I don’t remember the last time I saw a grown man act so much like a child…. almost like an ape in his movements. He was so emphatic with the gesture, I thought he was having a seizure. My kids saw this and were shocked too. Pretty pathetic, if you ask me.
  • I was feeling really stressed and in need of a vacation this morning and my husband said some very uplifting things so now I feel better. Luckily one of us can keep calm about life!

3 thoughts on “Expulsion of random brain bits – Random Tuesday

  1. There are full-body pillows that I’ve heard are really good.

    Guy in the parking lot sounds like a real a******. Leave the political wars out of the Home Depot parking lot! People drive crazy enough in there as it is…

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