Where’s the MMMM? I dunno but I’M here

One of these days, I am going to open the garage and walk out to my car, only to realize it’s actually cool out. It was slightly cool today but still humid. Isn’t it supposed to be fall soon? Even in North Florida we will get cool temps soon. Guess I am ready.

Sadly, I feel like I need a weekend to recover from my weekend.  We just had a lot of stuff to do, like errands and football practices and we finally got Dakota going with an activity: girl scouts. It happened quite by accident: a friend of ours has a daughter in it and when we met up with them Friday evening for a block party, they mentioned it.

That event was fun. Our downtown area always has a little party before home football games but now, we have a nice area of the north side that does one. People drink beer and listen to live music; they have bounce houses and booths, etc. It was fun but tiring.

So yes, I am in need of some kind of mental break. Thinking about when I can squeeze in a trip to the chiropractor and then get a pedicure. LOL.

I always make a mental shift around this time of year, just as the trees and temperatures will morph so too will my mindset. I think if I can make some time to drag out my fall decor either during the week or this coming weekend, that will start the ball rolling.

So tell me: are you thinking about Fall yet?

3 thoughts on “Where’s the MMMM? I dunno but I’M here

  1. The M^4 list has moved to Cathy’s (http://curiousasacathy.com).

    I and especially Mary are awaiting the first cool breezes of autumn, and have actually had a couple of previews, although it’s hot and muggy here and I would anticipate getting some of the torrential rain from Hurricane Florence (we’re north of you and the hurricane is projected to hit somewhere in the Carolinas). No matter…

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