Random Tuesday – Fails, full moon holdover,

  • Well, our tackle experiment was a failure. Isaac loved the pads, the first few practices, and the teammates. But first practice with actual tackling, he bailed. And though I wasn’t there, I don’t blame him, from what I heard. Now, to backtrack, a mom friend of mine (who I NEVER thought would let her kids play that) said she was so happy with how much time was spent teaching them how to tackle safely. According to my husband, NONE of that was done. And that is why he got hurt right away. So yeah, we allowed him to quit; which is not our style.  I successfully got him moved over to a flag team though so hopefully that will work better. I know it’s a lot easier on our schedule!
  • I think he’s a little sad about quitting but he’d never tell you. It manifests in snapping at people and being a general jerk. But hopefully by day’s end he’ll be ok.
  • Speaking of, my kids are normally out of control and whiny around the full moon but this time it was my husband. Generally punchy, sarcastic, and second guessing me a lot. So I am treading lightly because I HATE conflict.
  • And I hate to be so whiny myself but this first week’s got me down. I just realized it too. I am not feeling very like myself at all.
  • Man, I’m sorry this whole post is whiny. Today is just not my day. I foresee beer in my future.

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