Random Tuesday – A bit boring today but musing randomly nonetheless

Stacy Uncorked


  • Despite my kids being absolutely awful to each other this morning, I feel pretty good and motivated. I figured I’d be sleepy because I woke at 5:25 and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I got up. It’s never bad to get up alone and have coffee, I guess.
  • I think I mentioned last week that I got a parking citation on campus. Yeah it’s still not showing up in their system to appeal it. I can only imagine that once they logged it, my new tag was already in so they just removed it entirely.
  • Getting back to running is going well, though yesterday was pretty hard because it had rained so it was like running through soup. But I still felt pretty good when I got home. In general, my life is 10 times better when running is a part of it.
  • For a while – maybe the past year or so – I started to feel the same as my husband about Disney World: too crowded and hot. But there’s a possibility we go in April next year and I am getting a little excited. I have loved Disney forever and we haven’t been in so long. Plus, we’d probably stay at the Omni, which is a kick-ass hotel.9061609600_2de80e418c_z
  • And on that note, I need a vacation. We skipped going to the normal June thing so now I REALLY need some time. Maybe during the three weeks in August when there’s no school here but my kids have gone back I can take a “sick” day.
  • I’m getting a little nervous about the start of the school year. New schools for all my kids! I am sure they will navigate it just fine but I have to learn all new things too and I’m awful about change!

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