MMMM + Another jam-packed weekend for us

I keep trying to have low-key weekends but it never happens. Well, ok, Friday wasn’t too bad. I worked all day then got home, swam, made spaghetti, then I went and got Chipotle (because I don’t much care for spaghetti). Soon after, sitting down to watch a movie, I found that I felt exhausted. Like, could not stay awake at all. Sigh. But this allowed me to get up Saturday and get in a good 3 mile run. Got the pool cleaned, groceries shopped, then we had a light lunch before heading to a birthday party down the street for Ash’s friend’s son. Kids had a great time on the bouncy house/slide, even though it did rain on and off. We got home with about 30 minutes to spare…

… before Ash and I went to the first annual Mac and Cheese fest downtown. Held at a new-ish bar in an area that people are seemingly trying to revitalize, they had 5 vendors with different macs and it was all you can eat plus one free beer. There’s a food truck named the Tally Mac Shack that people have told me is amazing and I can say now, it is. They had a basic mac (Cheesus take the wheel) and one with a shrimp boil flavor and sausage that were both delicious. The next best was from a place in the college area named Township. My personal fave though was from a catering company: a pork slider with mac on a Hawaiian roll. If I could have shoved any more food into my gullet I would have eaten ten of those.

The thing lasted 6-9 but we ended up back home a little before 8. We were both full and tired and didn’t feel like doing much else! Sunday we got up and cleaned and mowed and swam before Ash and I went up to a Mexican place to watch the World Cup final game. We knew France would win but cheers to Croatia for giving them a good run. I think I’ve realized how much more I enjoy soccer now – more than NBA (my first spots love) and more than NFL (which is turning off viewers because of politicizing everything.)

I will say, I took a good nap yesterday before having pizza for dinner and then feeling pretty blah. Diet starts today!!



Okey dokey pokies, this week’s theme is songs with numbers in them so here we go.

And you know me, VOLBEAT is God:

10 thoughts on “MMMM + Another jam-packed weekend for us

  1. All new songs to me, but good ones.
    Our weekend was pretty comparable to yours only it was food trucks on Friday. Fun though!

  2. I thought they were all three, but I had heard the one by Stevie Nicks, just never knew its name. Didn’t care much for Tool, but Volbeat was really good! Good set!

  3. Claire,

    Your weekends are always so busy. I like spaghetti but prefer lasagne. Mac n Cheese I liked when I was a kid and when ours were young, they liked it, as well. So, it wasn’t unusual to have it in the house. However, when we eat out that’s one dish we don’t get even though it’s offered as a side most places. Of course, now you got me wanting it. 🙂 I think I would like some of these that you mentioned.

    Love Stevie Nicks! The “Edge of Seventeen” released in 1981. I turned 20 by the end of the year but I was thinking when I was at the edge of seventeen, I was married, lived in another state from my parents, and was finishing high school. That seems like eons ago now and it was. lol The last two songs are new-to-me. Tool ‘Forty-Six & 2′ sounded a bit down. I didn’t care too much about it. Volbeat ’16 Dollars’ turned my mood around with the uptempo, get-to-my-feet appeal. Thanks for sharing the dance floor with me. Have a great week!

  4. I remember reading your Post yesterday, but wasn’t sure I commented, so I’M BAAAAAAAACK! ~hehehe~ LOVE YOUR CHOICES & YOU SURELY ROCKED THE HOUSE! The last two I thank you for the introduction, and they were quite different. Have a great week & thanks for the dance~! hugs… WOO HOO!

  5. You have the busiest weekends. All I do is work. sigh…
    Anyway, two new singers and all new songs to me.

    Your numbers are spot on.
    Thanks for playing.

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