Friday Random – skipped a day but oh well

  • Someone got their stuff stolen out of an office here in our building – while they weren’t in it – but they’re calling it a robbery. No, that is when a person forcefully takes things from you. Theft is when things are taken because you made a bad choice and didn’t take personal responsibility for your things.  I am sick of people blaming others for their own ineptitude.
  • I keep wondering when/if the new-ness of our home will wear off. As of right now, I am still madly in love with it. With the space, the decor, the overall lot. I walk Todd in the yard and marvel at the different areas of trees, the pool, the deck. I just love it so much.
  • Ash and I are going to an all-you-can-eat mac and cheese event tomorrow night and though I know it’s going to be fun, my stomach may not think so!
  • I’ve been alternating days for swimming and running and feel pretty good. Even though it is hot, if you go at the right time, it isn’t so bad. I just wish the city would mow the trails – the grass is long and itchy! ETA: I asked the city to mow and they claim to have done so, but I’ll report back soon.
  • I remember today why I don’t tell my mom things: she freaks. I mentioned the kids having a babysitter and her response was, “Do you know them? You know everyone is a predator.” OMG mom, really? Does she really think I wouldn’t make sure my kids were with a safe person? That’s how I see that: she doesn’t trust that I know how to parent. Lesson learned: tell her things after we’ve done them.
  • Been going down the wormhole of #WalkAway videos and I love seeing people from all walks of life talking about how they left the Left because of the prejudice and the blind discrimination. I get chills listening to some people in subgroups like drag queens, gays, former-SJWs, etc… talk about how they experienced this awful thing going on with liberals and how they switched sides. But more than that, it’s about seeing thing common-sensically and realizing that you CAN be friends with people who see things differently than you. The idea on the Left is that no, you can’t.
  • On Wednesday evening, my new license plate arrived. Now, I didn’t know I was due for one but when Ash did the registrations, a plate came for me so I guess so. Anyway, the next morning, I got to work then immediately changed my plate number in the system to go along with my parking permit #. When I got to my car in the afternoon, I had a ticket! So I called but they had no record of my citation. And today, it still isn’t in their system. So that’s… odd… and annoying!

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