MMMM + I only blogged once last week!

Yeah, I did my Monday post and none others, which is crazy! Well, this week I shall rectify that.  It was partly due to the mid-week holiday; partly because I was busy at work. But I am trying to be on the ball a bit more this week.

ANYway, let’s get to the recap. Briefly, let’s hit on last Wednesday, July 4th. We really used our time wisely: big breakfast, cleaning in the house and yard. Ash fixed the gate that had pulled out of its nails (who uses nails??) and wasn’t closing correctly. I think I had way too much to eat and drink all last week. With the day off, I also made tacos and Ash and I went out to hibachi for a friend’s birthday. When we got home, we had some more beer and took the kids up the road to another friend’s house for fireworks.

Let’s see, last Friday my poor food choices caught up to me and my stomach was distraught. But I left work around 11 and met Ash and friends at Texas Roadhouse for beer, burgers, and soccer. We watched soccer all afternoon then had a pretty low-key evening. On Saturday, I decided to run – I had not in, oh, probably 2.5 months. Elliot and I did a two miler on the trails and it felt good. I felt good – strong even. I then went right into lawn mowing and did half the front before turning it over to Elliot. Ash ran and the other kids did some cleaning in the house before we went to Sonny’s. We were pretty lax in the afternoon because around 4 we headed out to Monticello for a cook-out and fireworks at another friend’s house. Sure it was past the 4th but they planned it so a lot of people would be able to attend. It was pretty fun and were home by, oh, 10:30.

We were productive again yesterday: lots of cleaning, house stuff, swimming laps, and errands. But the afternoon was nice and relaxing; took a nap, ate very little, and watched some TV. And of course, this relaxing led to me definitely NOT wanting to be here at all today! I was in a particularly bad mood when I saw an old friend of mine from grad school dropping off her kid at camp. I don’t know for certain she saw me  but if she did, she ignored me entirely. This kind of stuff drives me crazy because I never did anything to her, we never had an actual falling out. But after the election, she seemed to go super liberal. We used to go to lunch every now and then and suddenly, she started making excuses and eventually, just stopped replying when I’d ask. I’m sorry that the media and all the frenzy has led to people abandoning friends. I’m not trying to be self-righteous but I didn’t drop anyone based on politics, I tell you that much.

OK, freebie week – let’s um, try something different than what I normally play. This will be difficult because I just really like metal. LOL. Right now, SiriusXM is playing their Yacht Rock station and it’s indeed the perfect summer listening. Here are a few they play a lot that I love.

10 thoughts on “MMMM + I only blogged once last week!

  1. I absolutely hate that the last election affected so many people’s good common sense. I’m the same person I was before the election and I would never stop being a friend just because they had differing opinions. And yet, there is a woman I used to do a lot with, and she has completely severed ties. It’s sad, really. Like cutting someone out of your life because they like Great Danes and you prefer Dachshunds! I’m sorry this happened to you and to me.
    Hang in there.

    1. Thanks for the kind words. It’s something I think about often – we are still facebook and instagram friends – but I just wish I knew what happened.

  2. Oh, wow, two great songs today! Say what you will, I like “lite rawk,” and you can’t go wrong with Ambrosia and Christopher Cross, whose looks didn’t work for the MTV generation. My guess is he’s still playing music, and we all know MTV isn’t.

    I’m pretty quiet when it comes to politics, because I’ve gotten into far too many flame wars and, honestly, I hate them. There are too many people who let politics dictate their friends and acquaintances, and honestly, I hate it.

  3. Oh yes, I totally agree with John. Love these two for sure! I remember turning up the radio and singing along during my party days! Whew! Those days are long gone now… but I do a lot of reminiscing that’s for sure! hahaha~ YOU HAVE DEFINITELY ROCKED THE HOUSE my friend! Have a great week and so glad you’re back on track! Been there & done that… that’s for sure!

  4. Claire,

    I find liberal generally have a more difficult time respecting and accepting other’s differing from them. It’s either all or nothing. I surely am not about to drop a friend because we don’t see eye to eye on politics or any other topic. If they can’t agree that we disagree on things then maybe that person wasn’t really a friend to begin with, no? Don’t let this chick get to you. There will always be people like her.

    Oh, talk about a mewsic flashback! You brought some oldies (to anyone younger than 35) to the dance floor. I often wondered what became of Christopher Cross so I looked him up on Google and apparently, he’s still recording. His latest pop album, TAKE ME AS I AM release last November. 🙂

    Have a summertastic week, my friend!

    1. Isn’t it odd that the liberals of old, the hippies, were the chill, accepting group but now they aren’t? It’s crazy to me!

      I had no idea Christopher Cross was still recording; also mind-blowing!

  5. Thanks for sharing altho I tend to prefer the metal and, of course, punk. We’re libs but our two best friends aren’t. They’re still our best friends but we purged a lot of FB friends b/c they got nasty with us. We don’t troll others who have different political view and all we ask is that they don’t troll us.

  6. Wow Claire, two awesome songs today! I haven’t heard either of these in a long time and they sound magnificent! Cran. ked up the speakers for sure!
    Thank you for bring them out of my memory banks and to the forefront of my mind! I’ll be replaying them frequently now.
    I know I got here late and we have another MMMM tomorrow. Hope to get to that one quicker this week. 🙂

    Michele at Angels Bark

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