MMMM + Weekend needed to recover from weekend; send coffee and ice cream

I am in some kind of shape – but mostly just tired. It’s been a long four days. So Ash got home Wednesday evening and spent some time re-assimilating into the house. He decided to take Thursday and Friday off, which worked for me because I could go to work sans children. I worked Thursday, then went to Athletics to do my yearly faculty panel for the incoming freshmen athletes. Once done, I utilized the extra couple afternoon hours to swim and clean in the house. Worked a half day Friday, went to lunch with the hubs and boys, then we saw Incredibles 2. Sorry to say it was a disappointment. They waited fourteen years and that was all they could come up with? That’s why I was sad about it; had they put that out only two or three years later, I’d be a little more lenient.

On Saturday we got So. Much. Done. I woke around 6:30 – the only one up – and started the pool robot then breakfast. Worked to get laundry going then started on the front yard. I mowed about half and though Ash was going to take over, we let Elliot do it, since he wanted more money-bearing tasks. We all worked in the yard – picking up fallen sticks and repairing the fence on one side. Once done, I got to sit for a little while. But then we got ready to meet some folks at Proof brewery for a bit. The good thing about that place is that it has a great outdoor area with things to do for kids. It’s quite kid/dog friendly.

Went home and swam for a while then went to Sonny’s for a late (for us; 7 pm) dinner. Pretty sure I just laid on the couch… no, wait. Untrue. I had to pack up the boys and do a bit more work work (my boss is back in town and I had some tasks to shore up stuff for today). So by the time I did fall asleep at 10, I was worn out.

Sunday was also a really long day, as I left by 7:30 to drive the boys 2.5 hours to my parents’. We got in and went straight to brunch. Bit of a wait but George was very tasty. Right after, I helped my mom load up a chair she was giving to a friend and we took it over. Visited for a bit over a glass of Proseco and then I was soon driving back. Went through THE worst storm about an hour from home. It was super windy, hailing, and the rain was so thick I could not see. And you know those rainstorms on the highway where you can’t see much but can still drive? This wasn’t one them. People were pulling over in droves and so did I. Luckily, it was a super short storm and clear skies and good driving conditions followed.

Once home, I hit the store then watched Koda and Ash swim; I just wasn’t feeling it. I made dinner, finished some laundry then promptly passed out while watching some movie; I forget which one now.

Things feel weird without the boys around. The morning was less chaotic and I was even early to work. I am glad they get to do this most every year though; being away from their normal routine and games, etc is always a good reprieve for us all.



OK, freebie week. I’m just sharing two songs I have listened to lately. I have a lot of work to get to!

10 thoughts on “MMMM + Weekend needed to recover from weekend; send coffee and ice cream

  1. Claire,

    We had some strong storms over the weekend, but perhaps not as strong as y’alls. I remember when we took our kiddies to spend a couple weeks with their grandparents in southern WV. It was always so weird to have them out of the house but at the same time, it was a nice break. Now, the house is empty all the time. Sade “I Never Thought I’d See The Day” is a nice slow tune. Hometown boy, Kenny Chesney singing about my Smoky mountains. Fabulous share! Thanks for hitting the dance floor with the 4M gang. Have a pAwesome week, dearie!

  2. Ooh, Sade! She can take a three minute song and stretch it out to half an hour! Sounds (and looks) good doing it, though…

    We had no intention of seeing Incredibles 2. The original was okay, certainly not Academy-Award level, but kind of fun. But a second? No thanks. Glad to hear we won’t be missing much, if anything.

  3. Such a busy time! We are empty nesters and thus used to not having kids home. It’s always nice when they visit. My son and his wife were here this weekend to see the puppy. That gets them home!

  4. Wow, you had a rough weekend it sounds, but worth it to get so very much done! Your tunes are awesome. This tune by Sane is awesome, but started to put me too sleep… her voice is so captivating! Haven’t heard this one yet by Chesney… thanks for the introduction. It reminded me another song, but I can’t put my finger on it …. wait wait I got it… it reminds me of Tom Petty’s song oh my my, oh hell yes.. got to put on that party dress…. that’s it, “Last dance with Mary Jane by Tom Petty…. HA I GOT IT! I HATE THAT WHEN I THINK OF SOMETHING & CAN’T PUT MY FINGER ON IT. hahahahaha That was fun! Have a great week my friend!!! Thanks for joinin’ us!!! HUGS.

  5. I will get to see the Incredibles 2 when I babysit in the fall. Once it is out on Amazon Prime or some other thing, Mandy will buy it for my grands. I now watch all the kid movies when a go to babysit!

  6. Hi Claire,
    I’m going to try this again. I just tried posting and an error message came up that said my comment couldn’t post for some reason. Anyway, sounds like you had a busy weekend. Glad you got some alone time. Everyone needs that, some more than others. I’m one of those in the “more” category.

    I enjoyed Kenny Chesney’s songl It had a great beat and a good groove to it.
    Sade’s song I just couldn’t get into. It was way too slow for me. I didn’t have the patience to even get to the middle of the song. 😦 I do like some of her earlier stuff though…

    Have a great week,

    Michele at Angels Bark

  7. Sade, I hate to admit – it was a hot day here and hot where my computer is, and I found myself drifting away – but Kenny Chesney woke me up quickly! Not sure I would be an island girl but it is a lot of fun to think of myself on a beach somewhere (just not as hot as it is here right now).

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