13 Things – Get to know your blogger (good, bad, ugly, etc..)


After a particularly mind-blowing Facebook thread wherein I pointed out that some Republicans were positing new policies to stop separating children from parents but Dems rejected them – and people said I clearly must hate kids then (wow!) – I was feeling the need to think a little about myself today. But I’ve been in sort of a transitional state for a while now when it comes to my personal beliefs and maybe I need to make a list for me – to put words to the emotions I’ve felt. These go beyond my “100 ways to know me” list (which I don’t even link to anymore). These are 13 fundamental things I live for, stand for, believe in, and have realized about myself in the past year or so.

I am well aware that these opinions may make you stop reading my blog and that’s ok. I believe in our God-given rights to choose what we do. And with that, number one:

  1.  I was a Democrat in terms of actual registered party affiliation because I didn’t really think that much about policies. It used to be we a.) didn’t talk politics in polite society and b.) young people were not even thinking about them until they got older. Then as I had kids and had things to lose, I began to change my mind.
  2. Then I had my “red pill” moment; my #WalkAway moment. Not even exactly sure when it happened but I do recall watching a video from one of my fave youtubers, Razorfist, and he was discussing the presidential election and specifically, some dumb thing Trump did. Well, what the media SAID he did. He then referenced another youtuber who had an entire series debunking – with facts from multiple sources – the myth of all the Trump slander. And in that moment I thought, what if I listened to the other side, just for a minute?
  3. I don’t consider myself “right wing” in much else other than financials. So, I believe in the Free Market, I believe Welfare is a temporary system to help people get back on their feet, and I think there needs to be smaller government who looks at the budget and cuts where needed. I think states need to have more control and the federal government needs to butt out on most issues.
  4. In terms of civil liberties, I don’t give two shits who you marry. I think that’s your business and none of the government’s.
  5. Scientifically speaking, I do believe there are only two genders. Now, you may feel a bit more masculine or feminine and I do think everyone is a mix of both. What bothers me about people who think there are actually more genders is that it’s science. And they are the ones who claim to love science… until it comes to this issue and then it’s based on feelings. I’m sorry but you can’t have that both ways.
  6. I also think that it is unfair of the Left to label everything. Not everyone needs to be put in a box. Not all gay men need the LGBTQetc label. That isn’t fair to them because then they are expected to advocate for a sect of people they aren’t experts on. Black people can be Republicans; how dare you call them Uncle Toms. They are free to think how they want regardless of the simple pigmentation of their skin. (Seriously; this is one of the dumbest things people do.)
  7. I support the second amendment because I believe in our basic human right to self preservation. No I don’t think civilians needs automatic weapons. I also don’t think the NRA or gun-owners don’t care about lives. That’s a false assumption scared and uneducated people make. We own a rifle. We own an AR. We shoot them a couple times a year. I have allowed my children to fire hand guns. I hope to God none of us ever have to use them in a serious situation. But if that situation ever arises, I can protect them. THAT is my right as a person and a parent.
  8. I think America is over-medicated. I believe, to a certain extent, that mental illness exists and some people need a drug to help them. I do not believe that everyone who claims to “feel crazy” or “feels sad” needs to be medicated. I have two boys; boys have crack in their veins as opposed to girls. So the assumption that all boys have ADD and need meds is ridiculous. They need parenting and good teachers and the freedom to move around in their classrooms and fidget with something if need be. THERE’S your solution. Caring as opposed to medicating.
  9. I am starting to believe that the vast majority of radical and damaging Left ideas come from college institutions and they use their classrooms as platforms to indoctrinate young people. I saw it first-hand and looking back, I cannot believe I blindly followed so many of these prejudiced people – people who even claimed to be Marxists! (OMG, this scares me the most.)
  10. I believe that the way we handle college is way out of whack. Instead of telling our children that they HAVE to go, despite how much it costs, let’s look at what they want to do. If you are set on being an engineer, four year college is probably for you. Work hard, get a scholarship. If you see yourself more of a worker, a build a house with your bare hands type, then an apprenticeship is for you. You don’t need to take out loans, go to school for things you don’t need to know, and then pay back your debt for years and years. It all plays into the victim mentality; these people who want the government to forgive their loans, I am sorry but that was a contract you entered into. If you can’t find a job in Womens studies, that’s on you. You can’t blame someone else for your poor planning.
  11. want to believe that many people I know and like are actually moderates and NOT the crazy ANTIFA/feminists wearing pussy hats people I see plastered on the news. I think they have allowed themselves for far too long to be guided by their emotions. As Ben Shapiro says, “Facts don’t care about your feelings.” If it is one thing I have learned from watching a lot of “Conservative” youtubers it’s that so many people you see raging on the news are thinking primarily with emotions and not logic. We’d get more done if we discussed things calmly and rationally.
  12. I believe that we should protect our borders. There’s a way to let people into the country but simply letting them in will-nilly is not it. The problem going on now is simple: you cannot separate kids from parents so you want them to stay together but if they do, then that means the kid is also in a jail cell and then that isn’t any good so they want them both to be released… into the country. Does this make sense? No. To come in, you need to be vetted. I need to know that the adult who came with the kid is not a trafficker. The problem is that a good number of them are. We have crime in our country we cannot solve; why let more criminals in?
  13. I honestly believe in people having conversations about their beliefs and listening to the “other side”. I do think we can be civil and listen and even open-minded. Maybe you won’t change your mind but you hopefully won’t tell me to die in a fire if you don’t agree. I have had people tell me this; the equivalent to a child sticking their fingers in their ears and going “la la la”. I’m sorry this is how adults act these days. Somehow, this dumb belief of mine keeps getting me in Facebook trouble. I sometimes point out something as neutrally as possible but because I work in a predominantly super liberal place, they aren’t even willing to see it that way. I have never presented myself as a Trump supporter (did not vote for him) or even super Conservative so it makes me sad that my most neutral notions come across as such. I am not saying it’s all on them but it seems to me that some understanding would go a long way in terms of us improving our country. If you don’t like something that is happening, then educate yourself and vote for the people who will solve the issue. You have agency to do so.

There you have it. I have needed to detail those things for a while now and I feel so much better! I don’t think people should hide who they are. Yesterday, while my sister was railing on me for hating children because I don’t think Mexicans should cross illegally (they should come to a port of entry to claim asylum), I realized how ridiculous it is that we don’t actually LET people think their own thoughts. So I’m back on facebook hiatus because it is useless. It’s a toxic environment and nothing will get solved because no one wants to listen. Hopefully though, I can make a good life for myself under these precepts and be a happier person for it.

3 thoughts on “13 Things – Get to know your blogger (good, bad, ugly, etc..)

  1. I won’t try to change your mind. Oddly enough, I do not see facts in much Conservative news. Perhaps I am watching the wrong conservative news? Both sides are right about some things and both sides are wrong about some things. I pick my battles based on what is best for society, not exactly what is best for me personally. I believe in helping others before I help myself. It is courageous of you to share this here, so good on you for that.

    1. And thanks for that! I don’t watch any mainstream media – on either side – because I do think they both adapt the truth to their own agendas. And I agree: you should do what is right for you and help where you can. Ultimately, I feel like most people do want to live this way.

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