No ‘podge this week so a random musings post on post-tropical storm

  • It might – MIGHT – dry out a little today. We had another torrential downpour last night and the water hit the house again. But that was my fault for not thinking to dump the gutter. This new house came with really crappy gutters so we’ve had to jury rig some parts so they actual divert water properly.
  • My yard is also COVERED in sticks and spanish moss and all kinds of debris. These kids sure have a lot of work to do! 😉
  • Also, we scrambled around to get the recycling out because we found that they come SO early in this new neighborhood that even 7:15 is too late. BUT, as I was walking to the street with some boxes, I remembered that Monday was a holiday and trash day is… tomorrow.
  • Not that you really are interested but MAN, I had some awful cramps this morning. Really felt crappy. But for some reason, I was in just the right mood anyway; on the way in, we both rescued a small box turtle from the middle of the road and cleared some large logs from the daycare entrance. Hoping that karma comes back to me!
  • Right around this time of year, I start to feel that summery need-a-vacation vibe but since we moved and had a lot of expenses – and we’re going to mexico for a wedding later this year – we opted out of our normal June vacation. I’m sad about this but know it’s for the best. If we get nice weather, I can simulate the happy by laying by my pool, beer in hand. And hopefully get to the beach at some point here!
  • This all being said, I do have a meeting at 10 and I need to accomplish quite a bit here today. Motivation evades me so I’m really going to have to pick myself up by the bootstraps today. Wish me luck!

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