The ennui of Summer Fridays

Who doesn’t love a Friday? I sure do. But Fridays in the office when I have finished pretty much everything and it’s quiet, well, those aren’t so great. Do you know how much I could be doing at home? Granted, it’s good for my husband and boys to be working right now without me there. They had to pick up storm debris, mow, and build the trampoline today before Isaac’s very belated birthday pool party tomorrow.

So yes, I sit here, chipping away at small tasks I can do, looking at the clock, watching the clouds roll in and pining for a reprieve from this feeling of BLAH. I can’t explain it as ‘bored’; no, it’s more like, want to accomplish things but have no motivation. And my mood is tinted by some kind of pall. I just feel off and I don’t know how to feel better. I just feel like I am in some kind of holding pattern. I know the menfolk spent a lot of time building the trampoline. My husband sent some kind of semi-cryptic texts about how it’s a long story, his hands are messed up form it, and they worked for 3 hours. Hopefully they were able to go get some food and do as they had planned in the afternoon: play Megaman with a friend.

Meanwhile, I just really want to move on. I have roughly two hours before I can leave and I just need something to spur me into getting work done; something that makes me feel useful at all. This stuff here in the office just isn’t cutting it for me.

So, to switch gears, I just got a message from Elliot’s teacher with the video from their final walk-out yesterday. As mentioned, they do a big thing for the 5th graders when they leave the school for the last time. It’s a nice tradition and though I wasn’t feeling very emotional then, I kind of am now. He’s moving on. And I am not big on a graduation ceremony for every single year they move up,  but I do think it was nice to have that last walk. And that it was something they involved the parents in. I know as he gets older, these kinds of things will probably not be as prevalent; parent involvement might go way down. Though I know I will still be involved as much as I can.

Sorry this was all disjointed and whiny; it got me through my afternoon. Peace out; have a great weekend!

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