Random Tuesday – Pizza, shirts, and whatnot

Stacy Uncorked


  • Rainy days make me sad. I am trying to stay upbeat but I am so affected by the gloominess. I know some people just love the rain but UGH. Plus, it gives me a massive headache.
  • I just realized the other day that May is – for us anyway – official pizza month. We end up eating it SO much. We have it for end of year/sports season parties, at work because it’s slow and we want to get staff together, on a whim because we’re busy and overwhelmed. It just shows up so dang much this month. It’s sort of amusing.
  • On that note, I JUST got an email from a local place called Newk’s (is it a chain?) that invited me to some National Pizza Party. How coincidental is that??
  • I got myself some new t-shirts the other night but I noticed that Hot Topic had some Steveie Nicks ones, though not in my size. They have a sale coming up for which I got a coupon so I’m lusting after that one. I’d like to have it for the Fleewtood Mac concert next year.
  • I never realize how loud my music in the office is until a student comes in (which is rare now because it’s summer) but I just had one show up and I was shocked at the volume. LOL. It gets away from me.
  • This post took me all day so I guess I’d better publish and be done.

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