MMMM + Why does it have to be Monday?

What a weekend. On Friday, I took a half day and Ash and I dropped my dog to the vet then had some lunch. We packed up, got the kids, then got on the road. Not a bad drive all in all and when we got into town, my mom was making lasagna; yummm!

The next day, we got some bagels then my mom and I got amazing pedicures. I needed one so badly! We then went out for Mexican, which was pretty tasty, and walked through some antique stores. After that, we stopped into Joe Patti’s fish market, which is indeed an experience! We just picked up some shrimp for dinner.

Later in the evening, Ash went to Maguire’s to meet up with an old friend and his brother. The guys were people he met after moving to Florida from Ohio and right after his mom died so they were pretty close at the time. Seems like they haven’t gotten very far in life since Ash knew them but he said they had a pretty good time catching up.

We had a big breakfast Sunday then got on the road, new couch loaded and good to go. It’s not new, really, it was my parents’ but we needed it for our living room. In the evening, we went to the mall for dinner (because that makes everyone happy) then to Target. Not a very “special” Mother’s Day but fine by me. All in all, we had a very nice weekend.



Let me see what kind of craziness I can pull out today.

Here’s the last song I put on my ipod:

And a couple weeks I shared a Lazerhawk song but this one is probably better.

And since we just finished watching Cobra Kai, here’s a throwback:

7 thoughts on “MMMM + Why does it have to be Monday?

  1. Claire,

    Your weekend was very full. We stayed around town with DH still recovering from his combo eye surgery but we had a nice time. Thanks for the mewsic introduction. Believe it or not, I have not seen the original Karate Kid. The film has quite a few familiar faces. Thanks for sharing the dance floor with us this week. Have a tunetastic day!

  2. Hmmm…listening to Lazerhawk while looking at the Karate Kid clip (I loved that movie, and was thinking of it just the other day – it’s been so long since I’ve seen it) somehow the combination worked. And I have to admit that Ozzy Osbourne is a secret pleasure of mine. Have a great week (maybe you’ll have some time to relax?)

  3. Oooh, pedicures! I sure could use one – I suppose I better plot and plan before the weather warms up enough for sandals and/or flip-flops! 😉

    Great song choices, Claire! A couple were introductions, and I enjoyed them all! 🙂

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